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Tuesday 10

Happy Tuesday!! It's been a great 7 days since my last Tuesday post...hope everyone had a great weekend and has a productive week! 1. School fundraisers are in full swing. Get your checkbooks ready to purchase your pre-made cookie dough, wrapping paper, popcorn and random chocolate dipped items. 2. Kaleb has officially had his first happy meal. Cheap toy and all. It went well. He ate all of his chicken nuggest and fries. (I had no idea the fry content was so small in a Mickey D's happy meal, not complaing, just surprised) (clearly I've never bought a HM before) 3. Dear salted caramel mocha frapp, please, let's continue this love affair, well into the winter and spring. I don't care if you are a "fall drink". 4. My mini vacay was great! Loved visiting with my cousin and her kiddos! :) Kaleb was a pill the entire time we were there, though. Clingy beyond belief. Teething. Low fever. Random screaming. The only thing we were lacking was a full out melt-down. I guess that's one thing to be thankful for. Kaleb and I were both happy to see the hubs when we got back into town. He was missed! 5. This is the busiest I've ever been. In my life. I thought college life was busy! Huh! At least in college I had time for naps and such. (i know you moms out there with more than 1 kid, are totally rolling your eyes at me right now, but just go with it) I put in 40hrs work, away from the home, then come home to the teething toddler, the husband and then finally to Paisleys and Poppies. I am SO tired. My house is really, REALLY messy and in need of a SERIOUS mopping, laundry stays in the dryer until I'm ready to fold and we don't cook at home near enough. I need leasons on how to balance everything. Any takers? Okay, I'm done complaing. I'll put the big girl panties on and keep it movin'. 6. Picking your teeth at your desk is uncalled for. Take that shit in the bathroom where we can't hear it. Seriuosly. 7. I'm about to sound straight up bitch, right here. I HATE when my husband cooks. This weekend he grilled kabobs and used every cutting board we own, 11 knives, and had stuff spread over every counter top. He is a great cook, he really is and he enjoys doing it but I effin' hate the clean up. 8. Judge all you want but I'm still jammin' out to "Call me, maybe" when I hear it. It's a feel good song. 9. Many of you already saw this on FB this weekend but here it is again:

Dear Walmart check out girl, instead of telling my kid to sit still and stop crying, maybe you should speed up the check-out process so we can get the hell out. Thanks for the free parenting advise though, Kaleb thought your purple hair was just stellar.

10. If you are just a Tuesday 10 reader, you might not know that I've been writing about the accident I was in when I was younger. If you haven't read it, it's a pretty good read if I say so myself. It's a tear jerker though, so use your waterproof mascara on the day you plan to read. ;) -no, but really, thanks to everyone who has read it, I have recieved some really kind messages regarding what I have written. thanks friends! All the posts will be here, just make sure you read them in order.

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