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15 month update

My little guy sure is growing out of the baby stage! He's his own personality and I see him less and less like a baby and so much more like a toddler. Here are some updates and things that went on this month: He dropped a can of pineapples on his toe...I think his toe is going to be black for a while! He's been helping grandpa with the cotton stripping. He's been promoted to farm manager. :) Speaking of grandpa, he and Kaleb are best buds. My dad keeps saying if K was potty trained, he would keep him on the farm all day. We'll see. He's getting hair!! Just in the back though, lol We.still.have.8.teeth. We are lucky to say, still on 2 naps a day. He currently thinks its hysterical to put things on his head and then hold real still. Mommy and daddy's favorite thing is him learning to "tickle". His big little hands move so fast and he says, "thickle thickle thickle". I MUST get it on video! He still has the softest skin. Ever. I finally found him some shoes that he doesn't mind wearing! fake crocs from payless...$9...BOOM. He's learning some animal sounds and understands so much of what we tell him. I just can't believe he's not a baby anymore.

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