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14month post

...making up for not doing a 13 month post. We've had a fairly busy month! Kaleb saw his first fireworks with Miss Alli, we had our first family time in the pool, kaleb had lots of combine rides with grandpa, had his first Sno-cone at the cookoff and lots more fun! Of course some of things weren't technically his FIRSTS but last summer he was still a this was the first time we got to see a reaction out of him. It's been and HOT and busy summer thus far. We've stayed indoors quite a bit but def know how much Kaleb enjoys being out. He's getting taller for sure. He hasn't made too many progressions on his talking. He still knows the same words but continues to just babble. He points at EVERYTHING. His new favorite thing is to push things that have the chair I use in the crafting room. It's big and has wheels. He puts many many miles on the chair every night. Here are some pictures to go along with some things mentioned above and some that are just too cute not to share! Happy 14 months, buddy!

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