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Just because blogging...

This post has no rhyme or reason, no style or format, just simply because I felt like blogging. I have no idea where it will take me. You should be prepared for anything.

Operation, “Keep Blankie in the Bed” was a success! No more interrupted sleep for this mommy! What did I do? I tied one corner of it to his crib and then he went to bed carrying an additional one. Thankfully, we were able to find multiple “blankies” that are the same. He loves them all equally and I have spare for when its washing day. My mother said she would sew an elastic band to the end that we tie so he could stretch it to the opposite end of the bed if he chooses. What I said to that, “No, he can sleep on the end that we tie it to, it’s things like this that are making him rotten when he is with you.” #grandmothergoingoverboard-AGAIN

My dad always made us eat at Sirloin Stockade (errr you might be more familiar with Golden Corral?) when we were little. I friggin hated that place! Mostly because it got old. Everything on the salad bar was frozen, (who wants to eat frozen egg squares?), the ranch dressing is like water and the grated cheese has that weird white powder-like residue to it. Every little kid likes pizza and almost all pizza, except the pizza at SS. Why even bother making it? The crust is not completely baked and the “sauce”, well, I’m pretty sure its ketchup. The rest of the food they have there is like grown up, old-folks, food. Roast, fake mashed potatoes, weird soup and vegetables like spinach mixed with corn. The ONLY legit thing they have is ice cream. Multiple toppings options and even a cone if you wish. SS gets a few kudos for having soft-serve.

Grandma is out on business AGAIN so my dad is flying solo this week. He got “rained out” of the field yesterday (new readers, he’s a farmer to the corn you eat and the cotton you wear) so he asked me and the hubs if we would like to go eat. Mostly, he doesn’t care about me and the husband, he really just wants to spend time with Kaleb, it’s a win win for everyone. We get a free meal AND Kaleb loves his super silly Grandpa! Since we live in the middle of no-where, our eating options are limited to fried chicken joints, 1 unsanitary pizza buffet and of course, Sirloin Stockade. Now, I may have mentioned my little guy is somewhat a picky eater. He really only likes pastas and tomato based dishes, lasagna, spaghetti, ect. On occasion he will eat hamburger meat or chicken. Guess which eating place has ALL these options?!

Clearly that’s where we ended up. Kaleb and Grandpa has the time of their lives fixing multiple plates of different things, throwing away what they didn’t like and then going back for more. This kid LOVED him some SS! He ate spaghetti, ham, chicken, meatloaf, corn, rolls, strawberry shortcake, and ice cream. Look how pleased he was. Grandpa said we will be frequenting SS a lot more often. Operation, “free supper”: FAIL.

So I know I mention my parents a ton and knowing I have a few new readers that don’t KNOW know me, I should clarify things so you don’t think we live WITH my folks. Said dad is a 3rd generation farmer. Said mom was a store owner but became a SAHM for a long time, recently started working for her brother doing data entry and going on “business trips”, lol. I grew up in a super small community, too small to be considered a town, thought I wanted to live in the “city” but came back “home”. Said husband was an outdoorsy country boy living in the city until he met me (on and fell in love with the country lifestyle. We had plans to build a house but ended up being blessed with finding a beautiful home for sale that fit our needs, 5 miles from my parents. There are times we wished we lived just a bit further away from them, but basically, it’s a BLESSING. They do A LOT for us, esp since we are so close. The husbands family lives about 40 miles from us in “The Big City”. We are so glad they aren’t any further than that because they too, are wonderful and helpful! We are BLESSED beyond words having our parents and most other family members so close!

Now that you know where I came/come from, you will understand why I think this is HOT. A doctor in khaki wranglers, wearing boots. I totally took this picture in the elevator at work without him knowing. I’d call that a successful day!

Also, may have figured out by now, I work in a hospital. It’s an extremely lame job that I try to be thankful for on a daily basis. I pretty much fail at that, on a daily basis, but that’s beside the point. I hate having a job that is outside the home. I’d rather be a SAHM. For right now though, the insurance is a GREAT benefit and well, the pay is nice too. I’m a secretary to the Chief of Staff of the hospital, I usually have lots of interesting stories from my days here but for me, they are getting old. I miss my little guy so much during the day. So I’m going to be a bridesmaid in the fall. My baby-cousin is getting married!!! So happy for her!! She sent me a text the other day with the dress she picked out and I replied with 1 word: SPANX! So not thrilled to see what my large-self will look like in this dress. The up-side? I’m not the bride and the bride is always supposed to look the most beautiful. She def will. She is a gorgeous lady, inside and out. This will be a super-special day for her!

On that note, I’ve been helping her plan some details for the wedding. I discovered that I’m good at internet surfing, price comparing and spreadsheet making! Who knew?! She has been please, as have I, on my wedding planner skills. I totally would LOVE to have this as my job. I probably only love it because she hasn’t gone all bridezilla on me. I plan to keep her in check with that as well.

What is up with the mustache thing?? Did I miss it? Like, all of a sudden, everyone is wearing the fake mustaches, having mustache parties and baby showers, putting mustaches on their kids and taking pictures, ect. Why? I don’t get it. It’s not that I don’t like it, per say, I guess I just don’t get it.

So I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should write a book. Like an unreasonable amount of people. This statement usually comes after I tell the story of my accident or how I met my husband. What does this statement mean exactly? Like, I’m not really a book reader, I’m more so a, Facebook stalker, instagram follower, and blog poster. Yes, I have read books, in fact I used to be part of a book club that was pretty fabulous. This was before marriage and kid. Now, my “free” time is limited. So, I don’t “read”. Why type of books are you reader-folks interested in? Like a book that is blog-posts-style? A book that is chapter based? Series type books? Also, I just don’t think my stuff is THAT interesting. Maybe because I’m living it? I don’t know. Anywho, aren’t there people out there who will write the book for you? Or at least give you advice on how to start? I feel like this will be something I do in the very far future but it was on my mind so I thought I would ask. I don’t think it’s something I can google because there are probably thousands of non-legit websites and people I would have to weed out. So if anyone reading this knows anything about any of this, email me. I thought at one point I had heard of a company that would basically listen to what you wanted to write about and then they would do something with it…see how little I know? It’s a shame I’m even bringing this up.

I have a hard time tolerating smelly people. One of the many downfalls perks to my fabulous job are dealing with homeless people. You wouldn’t think the secretary to the Chief of Staff would have to deal with this but I do. I’ve always be sensitive to smells and gag really easily. I was esp sensitive when I was pregnant. The only upside I could come up with today’s homeless encounter was, I’m not pregnant and I’m able to control the gaging while you smell like poop. I know, I’m seriously grossing you out and I’m probably being total, Shallow Hal, but I can’t take it. Most of these folks have no other option, I get it. Fact being stated, still doesn’t make them smell any better. For the ones that do have plumbing access, please use it. (clearly assuming you’re reading my blog with your internet access)

I could probably ramble on a lot more but I think I’ll save it for my book. I’d hate to expose all my important thoughts on just 1 post. I hope you enjoyed this randomness on this fabulous hump day.

And just for good measure, aren't we the most awesome family you've ever seen?!?

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