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Tuesday's 10~~Special Birthday Edition

This still isn't the last of the Birthday posts...I'll still have a photo dump when I get time! :)

First I want to do a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to my wonderful and awesome MIL & FIL!! (mom & father in law) They really went over and beyond helping us with Kaleb’s party weekend!! They came on Friday evening and stayed until Monday afternoon. I feel forever in debt to them for all they helped us with and how much time they spent with us. I was able to finish every single decoration and detail I wanted because they were there keeping Kaleb occupied, making sure the house stayed cleaned and picked up, keeping the husband on task, getting the tables and chairs set up, putting together all the big birthday toys…the list goes on and on! I seriously would NOT have been able to get everything done if it were not for them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

My second thanks goes to everyone else who helped out. My crafty partner in crime showed up early to help finish up all my ideas while I showered and got ready. I love having her in my life for many reasons…one being I can say, “here is what I’m going for, here are all the supplies, can you please finish?” She is GREAT! All the grandparents showed up early as well, they all made additional desserts and such, 1 less thing I had to worry about! For the last 2 months I was feeling like everything was on MY shoulders for this party and that I had to do everything myself but when the day came, so many people helped out and things could not have gone smoother.

A special thank you to my little man for being so HAPPY and well behaved the entire day! He only had 1 morning nap and was far too busy to get in an afternoon nap. I noticed him starting to yawn around 5 p.m. and I thought to myself, oh boy, he is going to start getting fussy but he never did. He kept pushing forward and stayed happy the entire evening.

Now to start some fun details! The “smash” cake was successful! He allllmost blew out his candle and then it took him a couple minutes to figure out he could dig his hands into it but once he did, he realized it was “finger lickin’ good!” I let him play around in it for a while and then it was straight to the tub. He saw himself in the mirror and thought the blue icing all over his face was pretty funny!

We had sprinklers set up outside for the kids. I told all the moms to bring an extra outfit so they could have some fun! Caden had the most fun, I think. He wasn’t afraid of it at all. He got his face right up in the sprinkler and then even carried it around. Kaleb and Alli just kinda stood there and watched. Once Kaleb got sprayed directly in the face, he was finished. He got mud in his ears and that was about all he could take. It was just enough time to cool everyone down.

I had told Charles to order 60 hamburger patties and 20 hot dogs. He took it upon himself to order extra of everything. I was a little mad b/c I didn’t want all those hot dogs and hamburger patties left over. Some folks must have eaten 1 of each b/c we only had 6 patties & 5 hot dogs left. I don’t care if people eat 5 hamburgers, whatever makes them happy; I was just glad we had enough! Thank babe, for doing all the cooking!

I failed as a daughter-in-law. Big. Time. I had 1 request of my MIL as far as things to bring to the party. I made a big deal about needing little cups of ice cream for the kids. Every kid loves cake and ice cream. I had told her the little cups would be just perfect. She searched hi and low for these perfect little cups. She found different flavors and ones that were even special birthday edition. She bought 44 of these Birthday ice cream cups. I was excited! The time came for cake…I FORGOT to put them out. Totally slipped my mind with all the hustle and bustle. I felt like scum. I can’t believe I forgot to put them out. Total FAIL.

My other fail was putting out popsicles. I bought 2 big bags at Sam’s and even had them frozen. Right now, they are sitting with the ice cream cups talking about how they were forgotten during the most important day of the year and how I suck. LOL

Kaleb got so many presents we had to split them up. We let him open a few during the party and then saved the rest of them for Monday, his actual Birthday. He opened the first gift bag like he really knew what he was doing. After that there was just so much to look at, he didn’t really know what to do. He wasn’t sure what to play with first. After he opened the remainder of his gifts yesterday, he has decided that his brand new big john deere tractor is his favorite! Courtesy of his good friend J.J.! J

The most important part of this entire Birthday weekend blow out was yesterday. Charles and I were both off work and it was just the 3 of us for the bigger part of the day. We spent a while playing with him on the floor, then took him outside to try out his new swing and sandbox. I could really tell he loved every minute of us spending the day with him. Supper time came and his Granna brought over pizza, we had some left over cupcakes and just played with all his new toys. It was the perfect day/weekend! I love my little boy sooo much, he is such a blessing!

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