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My perfect day, indeed!

Today, Kaleb had a doc appt that I felt like I really needed to go to. The plan was to take him, then drop him back off with daddy and head to work. That didn't exactly happen. My first happy moment was being able to lay in bed this morning and listen to my little guy babble and talk to his snoopy and Woodstock. I never get to hear him bc he's still asleep when I leave for work. Somehow listening to your baby make up his own words is one of the sweetest things. As I was about to leave the house for the appt, I decided my time with him is too precious and I should take off the whole day. After we finished up at the doc we went and had some brunch in the park. Then headed to Walmart and Micheals to gets some errands knocked out. (I should add that K rode in the shopping cart like a big boy for the first time and loved it!!) Once we came home we played, did a little laundry and then it was nap time. I'll admit that I laid down with my little guy for a while before putting him in his crib. It was wonderful. Then we made supper and baked cookies. We even had time to watch tv with daddy for a while before bath time. It was what I want every day to be like. I WILL achieve my dream one day. Here are some cute pictures from our day together. I'll need to look back on them tomorrow when I'm back at my boring desk.

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