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7 months today!

I don't have many pictures to share from today but I can give a pretty good update! Today, for the first time in 2 months, kaleb pooped by himself!! I am one proud, happy, and relieved mommy!! I was starting to get worried that we would have to make another trip to the doctor. I'm praying this is a trend and wasn't just a fluke. We are doing prune juice in EVERY bottle now. He is [trying] to eat all his 'p' foods and we are staying away from starches. I' So he was doing pretty well eating baby food but now he is getting difficult with it. I don't know if he just doesn't like it or what the problem is. So far he pretty well only seems to like squash and pears. Still trying all the others. It is def trial and error and you end up throwing so much away. He still refuses the rice cereal/oatmeal. I guess I'll give that up. We have 2 teeth. Both on the bottom...there is another one coming in somewhere just can't see it yet. I don't think he's any closer to crawling, he just likes to roll everywhere. He spots where he wants to go and he can almost always figure out a way to get there. I just can't believe he is SEVEN months. That seems so old to me. His first birthday will be here so very fast!! We are leaning towards a puppy themed party, the boys LOVES him some dogs!! :)

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