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Finally had a 6 month check up!

We had to postpone K's 6 month well check for a couple different reasons but we finally made it today. He did so well, like usual! The report is that he is in the 85th % for height and the 80th % for weight. The funny part is his head size is only 35%. Maybe his little head is what makes him so darn cute! :) We are still battling the no-pooping issue. I have stopped calking it constipation because that's not the problem. He just won't get it out. The doctor still isn't too concerned so we just keep doing what we're doing. We also got upgraded to being able to eat more stuff. We are supposed to focus on foods that start with 'P'. Pears, peaches, peas, prunes... We also got the ok to try cereal. I bought some after the appt but haven't tried it yet, I'm not sure why I'm kinda hesitant about it..?? K's favorite thing about the doctor visit is the paper liner on the table. He thoroughly enjoyed himself today! And if I have said it once, I've said it a million times....I LOVE his pediatrician!!!

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