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Letting go....and letting daddy handle it

So by now, you know I like to be the "let me do it all, so it will get done right" kind of mommy. In the last 5 months, there have been several times where I try to let go of this idea and let Charles handle things with Kaleb. Does he always do it the way I would? No. Is Kaleb still alive and a happy baby? Yes, but I'm still having a hard time with completely letting go. For the last few days Kaleb has not been his happy self. He's been throwing fits, crying/screaming randomly, sometimes with tears and sometimes just a scream. He is still having issues with pooping on his own and currently having issues with a stuffy nose with an occasional slight fever. We have also kinda had the feeling that he is teething on top of all of this. So is all of this bothering him? Is it just 1 of these things? Is he learning that if he cries, we will pick him up? Who really knows!? Yesterday, after getting a call from the babysitter and Charles saying he is super fussy I decided to go ahead and make an appt, just to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection or anything along those lines. The appt was for 8:30 this morning and last night Charles told me he could miss work and take him. I said, "ok, great b/c I have to miss work on Thursday for a doc appt for myself and I don't want to miss 2 days." So this morning as I'm getting ready, I find myself giving Charles all types of instructions for the doc visit. "It'll be a $25 co-pay, do you remember where the office is?, don't dress him in anything too complicated b/c you'll have un-dress him, make sure the doc looks at his gums, tell them he still isn't pooping, ask if he is old enough to start food, make sure they know he isn't always this you want me to write all this down?" The list went on. Charles says, "do you just wanna to go with us????" I say, "why, are you thinking you can't handle it, do you NEED me?" "No, I got this, but you clearly want to go." "No..I don't need to go....yall will be ok...just remember all the questions...and CALL me...." After a lot of back and forth, I decide to let go and let daddy! I waited patiently with my phone by my side. At 8:42 I get the call. Charles is in the room WITH the doctor asking me, is there any other questions I was supposed to ask? LOL! Good job honey!! You are double checking! I give him the thumbs up and tell him to call me as soon as they are done, for the full report. The report is as follows: No ear infection (yay!) Swollen gums on the bottom Absolutely skip the cereal & rice stage (due to the constipation issues) He is ready for fruits and vegetables The news is over-all, good news. I'm glad he isn't sick. He just needs to stay on tylenol and hope that helps with the gum pain. The fact that she said he can start fruits and vegetables makes me a little sad b/c that means he's getting to be a big boy!! She said only yellow vegetables and white fruits. Prunes will be ok too b/c he already has had prune juice and there was no reaction to that. Of course, once Charles told me all the updates, there were 100 more questions I had in my mind that I would have asked, had I been there. He said he got a lot of paper work and brochures on "starting foods" and they should answer all my questions. I'm not sure we are going to REALLY start these foods just yet. Maybe the prunes but nothing else until I feel like he is somewhat back to himself. This is probably a very useless and boring blog to most of you but it was mostly for my benefit. I need to make myself realize that Charles CAN take care of him and Kaleb will be just fine. :) I'm super proud of my 2 boys but I have to admit, I'm jealous they are spending the day together w/out me. Oh well, the bonding will be good for them.

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