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4 months and so much more!!

Kaleb is 4 months old today!! Sometimes it feels like it should be longer, mostly because I feel like he has been part of our lives forever!! Along with him being 4 months today, there was another reason why today was so special. Today is Sept. 28th. The date Sept 28th is embedded in my mind like someones birthday gets embedded in their mind. Sept 28, 1993, was the day of accident I was involved in. 18 years ago. I can not believe it has been THAT long. Each year on this day, I have different emotions. Sometimes I'm sad and want to spend the day feeling sorry for myself and other times I am cheerful and want to spend the day with my family. Either way, Sept 28th has always been about the accident and frankly I hate it. I have hid it for many many years that I am ok with what happened to me but truth be told, I'm actually not. Well, I finally admitted that to myself a little less than 2 years ago. I have been working on it since but I have always hated this day. Until last year. Last year on Sept 28th, Charles and I had some very good news confirmed, we were going to be parents. I had taken a pregnancy test a few days before so we knew there was a chance but some how its a better feeling when the doctor tells you for real! :) It was the best day! After finding that out, I knew I would never be bothered by Sept 28th again. :) It just so happens that Kaleb was born on the 28th of May so today that makes him 4 months old! I took the whole day off to be with my little guy. We had to go to the 4th month check up anyways so I said, why not? I'll never get this time back. Turns out, a couple days before check-up day, he and I both got sick. The check-up turned out to be a "my baby is sick with fever, what can we do?" visit. He had pretty bad congestion early in the week and I guess all that drained into his ear b/c he has a pretty bad ear infection. I would have never guessed it, I never saw him tug on his ears or cry out like he was in pain. The only difference I saw was he wasn't that crazy about having his bottle. I guess it hurt his ears to swallow. Poor guy. :( As you can see from the pictures though, you would never be able to tell that he was under the weather. I tried my very best to capture a smile but man, its tough when they come and go so fast. You gotta be ready with that camera. You might find some of the photos comical but that's b/c it was just he and I and since he doesn't sit up just yet, I had to get creative with it. :) K loves his doctor, Dr. Pickens. They both actually think the other one hung the moon. Dr. Pickens gets just as excited as Kaleb...its funny to watch. Kaleb also discovered the paper on the exam table. It crinkles. It makes noise. It can be drooled on and did I mention it makes noise?!? LOL I'm pretty sure every baby loves this paper b/c of the sound. Easy entertainment at the docs office!! Next time we go, I'll try to get better pictures. His actual check-up was great though! They said he is right where he needs to be as far as developing. He weighed allllllmost 17 lbs and he is 25 inches. That puts him in the 55th% for height and the 85th% for weight. I actually thought he would be taller than average. He seems so long! Since he was already sick and running a little fever, they decided to skip the shots for now. They didn't want to make him feel any worse than he already did. I was pretty thankful for that! :) Since this blog is supposed to be about K, I won't go on and on about myself other than I did manage to see the doctor and I have a ear infection, sinus infection and swollen thyroid. They are looking into the thyroid more to see whats up with that. So basically that was our day. Nothing special but at the same time, I couldn't have wanted anymore. I promised Kaleb that we would always spend this day together from here on out. There will no longer be anymore sad Sept 28th's!

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