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3 days, 3 report cards and 3 A+'s!!!

We survived our first 3 day week at Ms. Becky's!!! It went so well, ok so Kaleb did so well, Mommy, not so much. I cried ALOT the first day, some the second day and none the last day. Kaleb was all smiles every afternoon when he got home which helps me realize he had a great day there! One of the many things I love about Ms. Becky is that she gives us a 'repot card' at the end of every day. She writes his day out step by step. Every time he eats, how much he eats, every time he naps and how long he naps and then every dirty diaper. Charles was the one to pick him up every afternoon and after all 3 days, Becky said he was an A+ baby! She said he is really good and enjoys watching the other kids play around him. I'm so much more relaxed about sending him away. He is still able to keep his routine but is able to interact with other kiddos. Even though I'm ot able to stay at home, like I would like, I'm a very happy mommy b/c my little boy is happy. I have to admit, me wanting to stay at home might be a little selfish on my part. I was/am wanting to stay at home b/c it's MY dream job. I know I'll get there one day but for right now, this is the best option for Kaleb. I don't want him to be a spoiled mommy's boy and I had I kept him at home, knowing me, I would have turned him into just that. So for now, we/I am happy with the situation we have. I'm pushing my way through the work day, keeping in mind the reward I have waiting for me at home. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, I LOVE MY LITTLE K MAN!!!

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