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Good Baby?

"Is he a good baby??" That is one of the most common questions I hear from people and I often wonder if anyone has ever said their baby was bad? I can't imagine saying anything other than, "yes, he's a good baby". Even if your kid cries all the time, I just don't think you would think it was bad bc that's what you are used to. Anyway, I come to my point of this blog entry. Kaleb is one week away from being 3 months old and today/tonight was the first time he has REALLY cried. Ofcourse he cries when he's ready for a bottle but compared to this cry, thats nothing. Poor guy was really crying and nothing we would do would comfort him. I noticed he was sounding congested so I thought maybe that was bothering him. I turned the shower as hot as it would go and let the bathroom fill up with steam. Then after a while I stood in the shower with him and let the (much cooler but still warm) water run on him. He ofcourse was quiet as a mouse bc he loves bath time. After the shower and some cuddling, he was breathing much better and was finally letting himself fall asleep. He is currently asleep at an incline with the humidIfire running. I hope little man sleeps good. It broke my heart to see him cry like that. Being this was our first tough night pretty much ever, I'm gonna say...yes my sweet pumpkin boy is a very good baby!!! ;)

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