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The Vacation Post

Currently we are in the middle of Kaleb's first vacation. We are in Branson, Missouri and we are having a great time! We left the house Friday at 4 am and got here around 530 pm. Kaleb did so great in the car! He slept quite a bit but not as much as I though. We had a couple planned stops and a couple unplanned stops. :) We were driving a long and started smelling a fart but the fumes never went away. Kaleb actually pooped in his diaper! This was uprising to use esp since he isn't going that often. None the less, there we were in Arkansas with a very poopy diaper and a laughing baby. We saw a sign for a rest stop, pulled in, only to find out it was closed. We changed K's diaper on the side of the road and on we went. That was probably the most exciting part of the 12 hr drive (well to me anyway)! So here we are. It has rained every day since we have been here but luckily it hasn't ruined our plans so far. It usually rains around supper time or when we are sleeping. The first 2 days we shopped around town and got to know our surroundings. Today we went to a water park and had loads of fun! My mom (being a hater of the water) stayed back and kept K since he's just a tiny tot. :) They had a perfect day together shopping and we had a grand time at the water world. Tomorrow we are going to a different theme park and then Wednesday I thing we are taking a train ride. Thursday we are headed home. I wish we could stay longer but I am also ready to get home and get K back on a schedule. It is a little difficult to be on a vaycay with a baby but I would not have left him behind...NO WAY! K loves it here! He loves being outside and he LOVES the fact that there is a hot tub with jets in the bathroom!! Ok, so maybe I love it a little more but he does get to take a bath with me. He always loves bath time but he seems to REALLY love it here, esp with the jets. There are a few other things I wanted to blog about that I discovered on this vacation but I think I will save that for another time. Megan--remind/make me blog about my vacation observations!! :) I'll add pictures when I get home!

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