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2 months old and he's all smiles!

My pumpkin is 2 months old today! At 7 weeks old he started really smiling and I think he smiles a little more every day. When Charles gets home from work, they lay down on the bed together and Charles starts saying, hey BUDDY!!! Kaleb just gets the biggest grin...he loves his daddy! This stage is so much more rewarding. He recognizes us, he knows our voice and he starts to babble a little. He is the sweetest...I might just love him more and more every day! He still loves bath and shower time. He and I had an episode of an explosive diaper the other day and the mess called for a strip down of mommy and baby and we got into the shower. It was then that I realized how much he loved the shower. You could tell he loved the sensation of the warm water hitting him. We have had several showers since them and he has enjoyed every one! We are still battling constipation. We switched formulas again and it seems to have soften the poop and great deal but the little guy just won't push it out on his own. The doctor refereed us to a gastro doc. I don't really feel like anything is wrong but at least we will know for sure. Other than that, our life is great! This will be a great month!! :)

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