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Tough Love

So it turns out I'm not very good at this whole tough love thing. I'm laying in my room listening to Kaleb cry. It is not easy. I don't want him to get into to habit of having to be rocked to sleep every night but man I really hate listening to this. I was told that he is already spoiled and that I'm the one to blame so I'm trying very hard to let little man figure out for himself how to go to sleep. How long should I let him cry?!? Ugh every second that goes by is too long. Just when I think he must have fallen asleep, he starts crying again. I guess I failed to blog about the fact that he is sleeping in his own bed now! When he turned a month old I decide he should sleep in his own room...another hard decision for me but despite what others might think, I'm actually trying really hard to not spoil him. He's just So cute! :-)

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