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What was life like before??

Kaleb has only been in our life for 18 days now but it seems like he has always been here! What was life like without him?! Somehow we can't remember...and we love it that way!! Life has been so great! I SO love being a Mommy! We are still adjusting and getting to know one another but it has been so much fun. There are have been a couple times that I've been without him for a few hours and these are the times I kinda miss being pregnant, esp in the car. I would always sing whatever song was on the radio at the time to him and now when he isn't there, I suddenly feel so alone! In a way, it is strange not being pregnant anymore. Daddy went back to work last week so we have been on our own for a week already. Kaleb had his 2 week check up last week and just as I was about to leave the house I got a text from Charles saying he wouldn't be able to get off work in time to make the appt...that meant our first outing by ourselves! I was a little nervous about how I was going to manage everything but I knew I could do it. We made it to and from the doctor in one piece. His appt went great! He got a very good report: Jaundice cleared up completely, he went from 7lbs 11oz to 8lbs 7oz and got half an inch taller. He was a good little boy while we were there. He even made a poopy diaper while we were there (poopy diapers are few and far between these days and we are working to make those a lot more often) and the doctor was able to confirm that even with a little constipation, he poop looks just like it should! After our good report, we headed home (with the 100+ degree weather, I try not to keep him out more than I have to) and made it there just in time for his next bottle. Daddy was glad to hear about his good report and the fact that we made it without him with no problems! Breastfeeding is a no go. I don't have a lot to say about this other than he didn't like it, I wasn't getting enough milk and he takes a bottle MUCH better than he was taking my breast. I was disappointed for a few days but I realized its not for every baby&mother. Plus, now, on the weekends, Charles can take him for the night and feed him on his own. The bottle and formula are working best for us. :) We are really having a lot of fun together. Last Saturday we went with Aunt Megan and Cousin Caden to Georgetown for a few hours...mostly to get out of the house. We went and ate at Chilis. Kaleb of course slept the whole time while Caden enjoyed the atmosphere and watched us eat. Soon they will be close enough to the same age to enjoy the same things but for now, Caden doesn't get why Kaleb sleeps so much and Kaleb doesn't understand why Caden DOESN'T want to sleep. :) They are going to be besties one day...I just know it! So anyways, after we ate we ventured to Target. This was an interesting trip. It started of good...quiet. Both boys were asleep and Megan and I were just slowly walking and browsing. Just as we were almost done, Kaleb starts screaming. It was time to eat. Megan suggested we go to the furniture department, find a place to sit and feed him. So we did just that. We/I got a lot of looks. Some frowns and smiles (the smiles came from other moms who have probably been in the same situation). After he ate, our Target trip was pretty well over. We purchased our few things and went on our way, back home. It was a good experience for us. :) We haven't had many days outside of the house but we are hoping to have more. I think the heat takes a toll on him, well, me too. This might be all in my head but the last time we were outside for a while, (even in the shade) he got so sick after he had his bottle. I think his tummy was too hot and then all that formula on top of it...he threw up the entire bottle. It was not a pretty sight. Like I said, it could be all in my head but I just don't think it was a good combination. So for now, while he's still eating every 3 hours, we are going to stay in the air-conditioner as much as we can. Things I DON'T miss about being pregnant: 1. Indigestion 2. Peeing All. The. Time. 3. Swelling 4. Shortness of breath Things I DO miss about being pregnant: 1. Feeling him move all the time 2. Well...that's pretty much it. :)

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