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A new level of love

As you can see, my "Poppy" is here. Meet Kaleb William Amidon. While my little perfect baby boy is asleep, I'm going to attempt to update you on the best week of my life. On Friday, May 27th, at 38 weeks/6 days I finished my last day of work. I had thought I would have a few days if not a whole week at home to get last minutes things ready for my little guy to enter into the world, boy was I wrong! Friday night Charles, my mom and I went out to eat for Mexican. I of course had nachos (my fav prego food). We came home and I started working on my thank you notes...I had ALOT to do. Around midnight I decided I had had enough writing and I was ready for bed! I got up to take a shower and mentioned to Charles I didn't feel good. I was having cramps in my legs but I just figured it was b/c it had been a long day and it was way past my bed time. Around 12:45 a.m., I finally start dosing off and then BAM this horrible pain hits me all the sudden and I feel my water break. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, where yep, thats my water breaking FOR sure! I went to wake up Charles and oddly enough, I was so calm. I just simply told him it broke and we should probably start getting our stuff together for the hospital. I took another shower, brushed my hair, put on a little makeup and debated on what I should wear to the hospital. Charles was running around getting everything in the car (including the stroller b/c you ALWAYS need a stroller with a newborn ;), poor guy was so nervous). We made it to the hospital a little after 1:30 I guess and they confirmed I was indeed in labor. My little guy was going to be born on May 28, 2011. I had decided a while back I would really prefer to go through the labor w/out an epidural if at all possible. I informed the nurses and they pretty much just said good luck! LOL! They respected my wishes though. At about 3:30a.m. they told me I should go for a walk around the hospital. Poppy wasn't dropping low enough and my contractions (even though they were a minute and a half apart) were not strong enough. So Charles and I went for a walk around what seemed like the smallest hospital ever. An hour long walk seems like an eternity at this point. My contractions started getting stronger and more often. I thought for sure I was dilating at a good pace. We started texting/calling people to let them know it would be happening soon. (sorry everyone for waking you up!) After our hour we went back to our room and got checked only to find out I didn't dilate too much. I think at this point I was maybe a 4. Around 5:30 or 6 is when the pain started to get pretty bad. They offered me some pain meds and they said it would make me feel drunk. Yep, it did. It helped me relax though and i actually dozed off for a few minutes here and there. Somewhere in between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. the pain got unbelievably bad. My mom and Charles were doing EVERYTHING they could to sooth me but nothing was helping. At one point I told my mom I was going to pass out. It was like nothing I have ever ever experienced! My doc came and talked to me and said without the epidural, I would never relax enough for Poppy to drop down low. He was still sitting way too high for me to dilate anymore. I'm guessing around 11 a.m. is when they came to give me the epidural. I was so in and out at this point, I only remember very few details. Once the second epidural (the first one didn't work) started doing its magic, I was in a much better place! My doctor wanted me to rest a little before I started pushing. I had progressed to a nine or 10 by this point...we were almost there!! At 12 noon sharp, we were ready to push! My doctor said this would probably take an hour or so, so she didn't even get her scrubs on right away. With my FIRST push, she could see the hair on his head! With my second push she put on her scrubs. With only 5 or 6 pushes and 14 minutes later, he was here!!! He came out like a Champ!! It was the best feeling ever! The nurses whisked him away and started cleaning him up. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I wanted to know every single thing they were doing to my little boy. After they wrapped him up, they gave him to me and he looked right at me. It was a indescribable moment. He knew exactly who I was. Charles and I had him to our self for about an hour before they let any family in. WE HAD TO PICK A NAME!!! What did our little boy look like?? Suddenly I had forgotten all the names we were considering. 5 minutes before the family was due to walk in, we decided on Kaleb William. Everyone was of course so happy to meet him and everyone wanted to hold him. I was a little anxious to let him be passed through the room from person to person but I knew everyone was so excited! Not much to tell about the hospital stay. We were released on Monday and we were so ready!! I was so happy to get my little boy home and start our life together! I have fallen in love with him more and more each day. He is perfect in my eyes. I would go through labor and delivery 100 times over to experience the love of this little boy. He knows exactly who I am and he smiles when I talk softly in his ear. I have waited for this feeling my whole life and I finally have it. He stops crying when I hold him. Even though I might be spoiling him, I don't care. He is the world to me and the fact that he looks for me when I talk to him, melts my heart. I now know the love a mother has for a child is like no other love you will ever experience. I do have more to blog about but for now...I nap when he naps. :)

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