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Heading out: 38 weeks

There isn't a whole lot to report from our 38 week appt. There was no change to my dilating, the only big change was that she could feel his head. He apparently dropped in the last week. I can tell the difference in the way my body I guess that means we are getting closer! I might be experiencing some lite nesting. I have about 5 casseroles in the freezer, ready for the oven and we put the car seat in last night. I'm still behind on the cleaning of my house but the fact I no longer can bend over makes things 10x harder. Is this what mothers and mother-in-laws are for when the baby comes? Is this why the come to "help" you? I hope so! :) Overall, I think we are pretty ready. I'm sure there are other small details I can find to do. Friday is my last day at work. I'm sooo excited! Even if Poppy doesn't come this weekend, I'll still be really glad to have a couple days at home. Hopefully my next dr. report will be more exciting! See you next week!

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