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Not just the stomach bug???

Yesterday was our 37 week appointment….we are getting closer!!

So I believe I have mentioned in previous blogs that I have had the ‘stomach bug’ or what we thought was the bug. The time Charles had it (over Easter), I really do think that was the actual bug but the other times I have been feeling like crap, maybe not. Yesterday I told my doc everything I had been eating the last few days feels like it is spoiling in my stomach. It literally hurts so so bad right after I eat and I don’t think it was from eating one thing in particular. Anyway, along with a few other details I provided her (which for your reading purpose I will leave out) she seemed to be very concerned about my Gallbladder. She said since I have been more or less sick the entire pregnancy and with the update of my new symptoms she seems to think my gallbladder is the issue. Now she didn’t come out and just say, it needs to be removed, but she did make it clear that it will be checked after the baby gets here. She said there is nothing that can be done before the baby comes (unless I’m near death in which case at this point they would just take the baby) so I just need to watch what I eat in order to give my gallbladder a “break”.

I’m not too sure how I feel about this news other than it kind of makes sense and kind of sucks all at the same time. Pregnancy can in fact take a toll on your gallbladder or make it react differently so I’m hoping it’s just sensitive and not completely destroyed. If it needs to be removed I think that will happen pretty quick after he is born. All up in the air…until then my fingers are crossed and my prayers continue for Poppy and I.

So other than that news, everything was good. I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Apparently 50% effaced is pretty far along for just 37 weeks. When I told my boss (who is a dr) the news of progression, he said, “wow, you are a ticking time bomb at 50%!” My doctor didn’t exactly tell us it would happen soon so I’m not getting my hopes up. I haven’t had contractions yet so I would bet I still have another week, at least. Poppy measured 40 weeks this time, so we are back to being ahead of time.

2 things I’m most curious about, what he looks like and how big he will be. I guess I’ll know soon enough!

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