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Seperate Beds? Yes, Please!

Here’s to catching up….

First of all, Charles and I celebrated our 2 yr anniversary a couple weekends ago. We decided to go to San Antonio and see what kinda shinanagins we could get ourselves into. We stayed at an awesome hotel/resort near Sea World which is also by my cousins house. It was a beautiful place with a heated pool and individual fire pits set up where one can roast some marshmallows. J I do love me some S’mores! We had a very romantic room with a Jacuzzi tub and walk in shower. Perfect anniversary get-away.

Being pregnant and tired really made the romance go south when we got there. We hit horrible traffic on our way and almost missed our dinner reservations at Salt Grass. Good thing we decided to ride with my cousins b/c they knew where they were going and were able to drive their baby blue mini-van like a bat-outta-hell. We had a great time at dinner, I of course ate salad due to my gagging at red meat these days. We made it back to the hotel pretty late that night (11 p.m.) and I was so exhausted! I could feel Poppy growing by the minute. I was of course so ready for a shower and bed! Charles decided he wanted to stay up and watch tv…here comes the BEST part of the whole weekend….there were 2 TV’s and 2 beds in our room! SCORE! It was set up similar to a suite type of room. There was a door between the living room and the bed room. I. was. In. heaven. So what did we do on our 2 year anniversary? That’s right, we slept in separate beds. Charles was in the living room, bless his heart, he took the fold out bed and I slept in our ultra comfy king size bed. Best sleep Poppy and I have gotten in ages. Ahhhh. J

Saturday we ventured out and went for a little shopping. Guess what we found?!? A Bass Pro store in the same shopping center as a Babies R Us!!! I dropped him off at the door and said seeeee ya! It was the first time I told him to stay as long as he needed and buy whatever he wants…I was headed to shop for baby! They had a BOGO sale on baby clothes. I spent all my time putting together way cute outfits for my son. Couldn’t have been happier. Charles called me BEFORE I was ready to leave…”Babe, I’m ready to be picked up.” Dangit. I had to check out prematurely. When I picked him up he had a sno-cone with my name on it!! Note to all: this was our 1 romantic thing that happened all weekend…and I was perfectly OK with it. ;) We sat in the parking lot and ate sno-cones together, discussing all the people that passed our way. I finished my sno-cone with a smile only to experience the worst heartburn and indigestion that I’ve had thus far. What the hell? A sno-cone? Ugh….”Babe…please dig out my bottle of TUMS.”

We totally hit up cheesecake factory on Saturday night, just the 2 of us. It was so unbelievably yummy. We love eating there. I ordered 2 pieces of cheesecake. That’s correct, 2 pieces…I did it up right! We went back to the hotel where my cousins and the kiddos met us for some S’more creations and some heated pool action. It was one of the best nights. I’m not for sure what made it so great, maybe the company, maybe the chocolate, maybe the pool, maybe my TUMS, or maybe our separate beds (for 2 nights in a row). We headed back on Sunday but not before I made 1 last stop at the best Babies R Us I’ve ever been to. Poppy will be the best dressed kid on the block…at 3-6 months anyways. ;) It was considered a successful and well rested weekend.

So I touched on the fact that I have indigestion and heartburn. Touching on it doesn’t do it justice. I got it from a freakin sno-cone people. It all started when I tried to add the Crystal lights to my water. I then, one day, ate a piece of purple taffy and got it. So after the sno-cone I thought I had narrowed it down to things that had a lot of dye in them like the red and purple colors. Well, that has since gone out the window. I get it when I drink anything but water, I get it when I eat almost anything and I get it if I’m hungry. I have successfully finished a bottle of 72 chewable ‘mint flavored’ TUMS. Some would say I’m lucky that’s all I’ve eaten but I’ve never had this issue before so I’m going to act like a baby about it. J

Easter weekend was not a HOPPY one. We had plans that filled the entire weekend and were actually looking forward to it. Charles got sick. Like, sick sick. Saturday morning I woke up before him and decided to make him breakfast. His most favorite meal of all time, my least favorite. He loves to eat breakfast, anytime, anywhere. I hate breakfast. I just want to drink a Dr. Pepper and not eat till like 11:30. So anywho, I thought, I’ll be nice and make some food for him. I of course wouldn’t be eating b/c did I mention I get heartburn?

I go to wake him up and he is GRUMPY. (for those who know Charles, you know he is a MORNING person. Drives me crazy too. He sings, he whistles and he smiles in the morning, I could just slap him sometimes.) So when I discover the grumpies and he actually yelled at Molly, I knew something was up. He said he was up all night in the bathroom, not feeling well. (I wouldn’t know this b/c we sleep in separate beds and LOVE it.) I took his temp and it was at 101. Time to go to the dollar store and get some med supplies. OJ, Tylenol, Advil and disinfectant. He stayed sick all day with his fever only getting worse. There went our plans; there went my fabulous breakfast. I kept him locked up and away from me.

He felt better Sunday. We went to our original lunch plans, ate b/c we were there but neither of us really felt that well. We played with the kiddos a little and visited for a while. When we decided to leave, guess what??? Oh yes, my car was locked WITH the keys in it. “Babe where is your spare?” “In my purse…….” “Where is your purse?” “In the car.” “Call triple A.” “My membership card is in my purse, along with my cell phone and their #.” Four hours later…my car is unlocked. Don’t be fooled. It wasn’t that simple. The boys thought they could unlock it with their manly tools only to find out, they punctured a hole in my unlock button. So AAA is free, a new door panel is not. Note to self, always ALWAYS call AAA right away and let no male try to “figure it out.”

After a long afternoon of sweating and swelling, we made it home. I threw up 7 times on the back porch while Charles had other issues in the bathroom. We both took showers, went to our separate beds at 8 p.m. and stayed there till 10 a.m. Monday morning. We were so sick. The “stomach bug” ruined our Easter.

Easter 2012 WILL be a better one!!! Poppy will be here, we WILL have an egg hunt and I WILL not be throwing up, have indigestion, sweating for no reason, or swelling! Here's to 2012 Easter! ;)

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