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If you see me pass by in a life-jacket, it's because I'm preparing to float away...

I woke up a little bitter this morning with hopes it would pass with time but no such luck yet. We had our 32 week appt yesterday. Everything was fine with the baby ect ect but somehow I was still annoyed by the visit. First of all I gained 4 pounds. Probably not THAT big of deal and the doctor didn't even say anything about it but it was disappointing to me. Getting on the scale is never a good way to start an appt. Secondly, she saw my ankles and how grossly swollen they were. She told me to drink MORE WATER. MORE WATER?!? MORE? Unbelievable. I did some measuring the other day and I'm nearly drinking a gallon a day. A GALLON!! Ugh. I was sooo annoyed at this point. The thought of drinking more water just makes me want to puke. I already can't drink water early in the morning, I'm weird about that. I'm sitting here at my desk staring at my big bottle of water, wanting to throw darts at it because I loathe it so much today, not to mention, I need to drink 2 of these bottles before the end of the work day. I have tried adding Crystal Light to give it some flavor, which helps me drink a lot more of it but half way through, I have terrible heartburn and I spend the rest of the day eating TUMS. Grrrrrrr! See I told you I was bitter. So if I do find a way to actually drink MORE WATER, be prepared to see me floating around. :-/ On the up side of the visit, we got to tour the hospital. That was pretty exciting! I had never been to the actual hospital part and it was nicer than I had expected it to be. We saw the delivery room (looks like a normal room to me) and then we saw the other room they will send me to for the rest of the stay. We got registered and signed a lot of paper work, in which I was glad about because I'm sure I won't feel like doing that while I'm in labor. I think it made Charles feel better to get it out of the way too. Poppy was all curled up yesterday so we didn't really get a good measurement. From the numbers that the doctor got, we were still at 34 weeks. She said everything looked good (aside from my ankles) and she sent us on our way. I'm not gonna lie, I'm starting to get pretty nervous about the whole thing. Maybe I'll blog about that next. I'm going to head down to our gift shop and see if I can buy me a "feel better, forget about your water bottle", gift for myself.

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