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The odds and ends blog...

I had several things I wanted to blog about but none of them big enough to make one blog. So here they are all combined together. J

Here are Charles and I with Caden, Poppy's cousin! We are in love with this little boy and can't wait for the little ones to grow up together. I think Charles is really ready to have a little boy JUST like him! :) Caden's parents along with some of our other friends gave us our very first shower!

Charles and I had our very first baby shower this last weekend. It was given to us by some great friends and we had such a great time!!

It was a couples shower so everyone was able to come. All family, kids and husbands were welcome! We had a really good turn out and got so many great gifts. There will be pictures to follow, even though after looking at the pictures, holy moly, I’m huge! I HATE the way I look in pictures. I always look so much bigger than what I think I am. It’s so depressing. Also the swelling is out of control! I wore a long-ish dress, you could still see my ankles…GROSS. At least all the people who were there were great friends and family and I’m hoping they weren’t too judgmental. :-/

On another note, I can literally feel my kid taking up more and more room by the day. How big is he going to be?! He’s been stuck on my left side, up under my ribs for several days now and I have tried to get him to move over, all he does is kick me back. As sweet and cute as you may think it is, it concerns me that he will have the same head as his father. Hard. I should expect it though, he was the sperm donor. J

My energy levels vary from day to day. There are good days, thankfully. On those days I have been able to get a lot of things done in the evenings, unfortunately those days aren’t every day. Yesterday we were standing in Poppy’s room and Charles told me to go get some batteries. Batteries are kept in the kitchen, not THAT far away. I actually said, no. No. I don’t want to walk THAT far, I don’t care THAT much about putting batteries in tonight and I’m just NOT that motivated. I stood there and just looked at him. I actually had to think about the concept of walking into the kitchen, get the batteries, and then walk back to the room. I said, I’ll just stand here while you get them and make sure the plug doesn’t run off. He wasn’t amused at all.

When I’m tired, I literally am done with functioning for the day. It’s amazing to me. How can I be so tired and so not motivated to walk into the next room? Maybe it has to do with the lack of air my lungs are getting and every little thing I do makes me out of breath. Or maybe it’s that my feet are so swollen by the end of the day and one step makes them feel as though they will bust. Whatever it may be, when I’m that wore out, it’s a sad situation.

Question: what about having a pooching out belly makes a person waddle? I’ve got the waddle down really well, or so I have been told. People with overweight belly’s don’t always waddle. Just curious.

Last thing: the nursery is getting painted this weekend!!!! I’m so excited! We are doing a Snoopy theme b/c I have always thought he was pretty great and the cutest dog around. I also love that he has a bright yellow bird as his friend. I didn’t want to go overboard on the snoopy stuff so we refrained from getting snoopy bedding, snoopy lamps or a snoopy rug. All of the décor is black, white, red and yellow with stripes and polka dots. I’m in love with it! This weekend we are getting a snoopy mural painted on the wall and I have shelves around the room with all my snoopy stuff that I have collected through the years. Pictures to follow as well….

That’s all the short blogs I have for today!

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