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Reality Sets In

Yesterday we had our 30 week check up. The doctor was pleased that everything looks so good. I lost a pound, probably due to my stomach bug, but regardless, I’m so proud of myself for not putting on a lot of weight! When you struggle with weight your entire life, being pregnant can be a bit worrisome due to even more weight gain. I guess at the 30 week mark, they start asking you a series of questions about birthing options. We went over epidurals, pain meds, circumcision, and middle of the night labor. These are all things that really make the birth seem closer and closer. She checked the heartbeat and did the standard measuring. Little Poppy now measures to be 34 weeks at my 30 weeks! The doctor stated he is going to be a very tall and big boy! She had also mentioned he seems to be pretty laid back as far as his personality because he doesn’t get too excited, even with all the pushing and poking. After the doctor left the room, I told Charles, “this is so our kid!! He is tall/big with a laid back personality”. My husband then did something I’ve never seen him do. He put his head in his hands, took a deep breath and with the most worried look on his face he said, “Our life will never be the same.” Charles never gets too excited or worried about anything. Sometimes it’s frustrating to me because I can’t get a reaction out of him but for the most part it’s better that way. He tends to calm me down if I over-react about things, we fit so well together!

I have heard that reality for the father doesn’t really hit until the baby is here. I think for Charles, it hit yesterday. I felt bad for him in a way because I have had 30 weeks of knowing this kid is inside of me and getting used to it day by day. He was really quiet the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t push the subject or even bring it up again, I figured I better give him some time to let it sink in a little more. There were defiantly no questions or jokes about breast feeding the rest of the day. J

After the short but very powerful doctor visit I had him drop me off at the nail place for a much needed pedicure. He was sent with a list to Home Depot and to get my car inspected. He got the car inspected and did not attempt Home Depot alone. I found him back in the parking lot at the nail salon, waiting quietly for me. You think Home Depot was a bit too over-whelming for him after the appt? Poor thing. When I got in the car he said he was ready for supper. We took our Chili’s gift card and had a nice dinner together. I ate my weight in mini burgers (my son is a growing boy, he likes to eat!) and he of course had the chicken fried steak. Half way through our meal, we decided to switch plates. I love us!

We attempted Home Depot after over eating. We needed 2 new light fixtures to replace our plastic, gody, brass, chandeliers which the previous owners thought were beautiful. We also needed to get a floor lamp for the baby’s room along with a new toilet. I of course know nothing about picking a toilet, other than I told him it must be white. So I try to send him to the toilet section alone while I start trying to pick out lighting. Notice I say try. I guess his reaction goes back to the doctor appt but he refused to pick out a toilet alone. He said, “can’t you just walk over there with me?” His behavior was unexpected but I went along with it. $300 later, we leave Home Depot with all our lighting and plumbing essentials, all of which I had to pick out.

As a reward to my excellent weight control and an end to the long afternoon/evening, Dairy Queen was our last stop. Peanut buster parfait for me and a mint oreo blizzard for him. We switched half way through. I love my husband!

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