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Husbands and Pregnancy

Why is my husband so obsessed with the fact that I’m going to have milk coming out of my breasts? He asks me almost every week, when will you start getting the milk? I’m not sure if he is grossed out about it (and trying to prepare himself) or just truly amazed I will be able to provide food to another human. Don’t most guys just avoid the topic? We have discussed everything from how soon will I start making milk to how long it will take for me to “dry up”. It makes me wonder how he will be when I’m actually feeding. *sigh*

I do have to say though, in other areas, he has been good about the whole thing. The bigger I get, the more compassionate he gets. At night he just looks at my stomach and says, “I’m sorry babe, it looks like it hurts.” He has also put up with my worrying pretty well. If there is anytime I think I need to call the doctor or make an appointment, he is all about making sure everything is fine. He is pretty good overall, it’s just that the breast milk comments have thrown me for a loop!

I have started swelling. This is disappointing to me because it’s spring/summer time and I really want to wear sandals. I feel like my ankles and feet just get too big and no one wants to see that so I’m still wearing pants and tennis shoes to work. Boo. I guess the tennis shoe thing isn’t that bad since they are comfy and for the most part, better than heels (which is what we are supposed to wear). A friend hooked me up with some compression socks that do help but man, they are unattractive. This is another way my husband is helpful. I can’t get them on myself and he is kind enough to deal with all my swollenness and put them on for me. Like I said, I feel so unattractive in them but as stated in my previous blog, me being unattractive has not affected his sex drive, which in some ways I am grateful for.

I’m starting to wonder if I will miss being pregnant. As much as I complained about it in my first blog, being pregnant has advantages. Like being able to wear tennis shoes to work when others have to wear heels. I also love the fact I have an excuse to be moody, opinionated and sleepy. I’ve always been one to enjoy naps and sleeping late but there is always someone giving me a hard time about it. Now, I can nap on Saturdays, nap on my lunch break and go to bed at 8 p.m. with no comments. It’s pretty glorious. This is also the first time in my life where I have been able to eat whatever I’m in the mood for and haven’t really gained weight. I might be eating my words in a month or so but for now I haven’t put on a lot of weight. I have changed my eating habits a little though like only drinking water (limited sweet tea), no more sweet fun coffee drinks and much smaller portions. Let’s hope I can stick to some of these things after Poppy gets here.

I have several showers coming up that I’m super excited about! We have a couples shower the beginning of April that will be so much fun! Then I’ll have a work shower plus an all ladies shower. It’s a blessing to see how many people want to be a part of Poppy’s arrival. He is already so loved by many!

I’m working to get the room ready for him. For first time moms it always seems that we want the nursery just perfect. I feel like I have a long way to go before it gets there and if it’s not perfect, I don’t think he will notice.

The hardest thing I’m going through right now is the issue of time. I feel like June is so far away in the aspect of meeting him and being a mom. On the flip side, I only have 2 months to finish everything I want to do. I’m so nervous about having everything just right. I want to have all of his clothes washed and his room completely set up and ready to use the minute he gets home. It’s the little stuff I still need to find to add the perfect homey touch to his room but I’m so tired after work and on the weekends, I never feel like dealing with all the crowds. Ugh. This is one of the most frustrating feelings to me. Hopefully I’m not the only first time soon-to-be mom who goes through this?!?

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