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Tuesday 10

1. Know what would make life awesome? If I didn't have two Woody dolls, one BuzzLightYear and a bulldozer sleeping with me in my bed. I'm just to point where I feel like I'm asking way too much of Kaleb to move his friends out. I can sleep on the very edge of my king bed, it's ok. No really, I like it.

2. Jason Mraz supplies Chipotle with hundreds of thousands of avocados every year because he has an AVOCADO FARM. Does Jason even realize how much he wants to marry me?! Someone tell him how effing awesome I am. I'm very low maintenance and sweet. Very.

3. Parents who's kids are in an active daycare 8 or so hrs a day: how much TV do you let them watch in the evenings? If the answer is none, don't leave me a comment. I have no time for that answer. But for real. Like an hour? More?

4. I have an unreasonable love for making casseroles. That is all.

5. The day my favorite lip gloss froze in the car was the day I cried about frozen lip gloss. And then flipped Mother Nature the bird.

6. Charles had OCD about washing his hands and it made me roll my eyes. KALEB has OCD about having clean hands (it's so bad he requires a fork to eat a banana) and it makes me twitch and wanna be in a padded room. I'm not being witty or sarcastic, this kid is seriously gonna struggle with OCD.

7. This past Saturday was the most accomplished Saturday I've had in a very long time. Grocery shopped. Napped. Ate Mexican food. Literally, that is all we did. It was only like the best day ever.

8. This is my last week in my old job. It's been a long wait for the new one but here I come! Folks that don't know me, get pumped.

9. It's amazing how much louder and more enthusiastic I jam out to Bruno Mars after seeing him perform on Sunday. It's like suddenly, I had forgotten that they way overplay his songs on the radio. :)

10. I feel like JuanP is acting like 2 different people. He was so proper and such a gentleman/family man with Renee but then he was just straight up man whore on the group date. Of course, Clare couldn't have made it more obvious that they had sex in the ocean...all the girls like to blame her but it takes 2 to tango. I won't lie, he kinda stole my heart on the date with Renee but then he unstole it right back, the rest of the show. Let's not get it twisted, I'll still watch but I'm super disappointed in him. He's just your regular-run-of-the-mill-man, thinking with the wrong body part. SHOCKER.

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