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Tuesday 10

Living with a husband, a toddler and a dog, I've noticed the strangest things coming out of my are the top 10! 1. We don't eat sticks...or Molly's rawhide. 2. Kaleb! Do not stick your finger in the dogs eye! 3. Kaleb, we do not pee and poop in mommy's closet. 4. The shopping cart does not go in the bathtub. 5. We do not randomly pick up produce at the store and take a bite....and then put it back on the shelf. Also, the tomato is not a ball to throw. 6. You can not be randomly licking things like the wall and the dog. 7. This food is for the dog, not for Kaleb. 8. Kaleb, please get out of the dryer so mommy can put the clothes in there. 9. The potty chair is not a hat, despite how much you insist that it is. 10. Kaleb, just because you hear daddy fart, doesn't mean you have to make yourself fart as well. I love being a boymom and wouldn't have it any other way! <3

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