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Tuesday's 10

1. I bet you anything there's a prerequisite to work the morning shift at starbucks. It includes: must be extra jolly; cannot have any record of ever suffering from depression; must be a morning person and vocabulary must include words like 'yummy' and 'scrumptious'. 2. It's bad business to not reply to someone who wants to order from you. 1-2 days are acceptable, a week isn't. Make it part of your work schedule to answer emails. 3. Mmmmm rainy day naps. 4. Grrrrr waking up to find that your roof/ceiling is leaking. 5. Is it normal to feel like you're telling your toddler, "no" about 90% of the time? I feel it's important to his health to keep him out of the trashcan, away from the dog food and to keep all heavy objects out of reach. 6. So I'm taking my mini vacay like I had talked about a couple weeks ago! Charles can't take off work so Kaleb and I are packing up (minimal items) and taking off to San Antonio. Tomorrow. I can't wait. We are staying with my cousin, who also has littles so my thought process? I won't have to haul the pack-n-play, no toys, no books, no crib bedding, no sippies, no milk, no nothin'! She already has all said items AND a free place to stay. We'll be just a few minutes from downtown, literally 2 minutes from sea world and the best part? I get to spend time with her, she is one of my favorite peeps on the planet. We don't get to see each other near enough and our littles can play whilst we drink the wine. While I'm super sad the husband won't be joining us, I'm so pumped about this get-away.

7. Who's grand idea was it for me to open an Etsy shop AND keep my full-time job? Oh yeah, mine. :-/ I'm for-real, not complaining because I LOVE all the business. Really, I do! I'm in awe of the orders I'm receiving. I love each and every order people are asking me to create! I pray that my husband and baby stay patient with me during this time. I'm still not at the point to where I can quit my job or even go part time but that's the goal people. If you're a pray-er, please send a little prayer my way. Pray that I find a healthy balance between the 2 jobs because I def am not looking to give up my little P&P shop. =)

This is just from the last 7 days!!

8. By this time last year I had already narrowed it down to two options for Kaleb's Halloween costume. This year? I just now thought about it. Today. What should he be?!? Is he old enough to go trick-or-treating? What is everyone's plans for the upcoming spook-tacular day? 9. Society is causing me to use more profanity. The dumber people get, the more "F" bombs I'm likely to drop. I'm sorry if your offended. It's not my fault. Get your ass some common sense, it's free of charge. As a side note, I'd never be a good candidate for said Starbucks, morning shift, worker. 10. "Hi, my name is Samantha Amidon and I'm a Mexican Food addict". "Hi Samantha."

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