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The boy with many many names!

Before Kaleb was even born we had picked a nickname for him, "Poppy". Everyone called him Poppy b/c we didn't know what his real name was going to be. As soon as he was born, he did NOT look like a Poppy to me so no one ever called him that again. Since he has been born though, he has had/does have A LOT of Nicknames. He has already gone through a couple and I didn't want to forget what they were and when we called him that. :) In the beginning, I started calling him Pumpkin and daddy was calling him Buddy. Grandpa was calling him KW. Then Pumpkin turned into Pumpkinikins. Buddy turned into Bud, Spud, Spudunkins, Dunkininikins. KW turned into KDub. Granna started (for what reason I do not know) calling him Googla. Grandpa thought she was saying GoogleEye so Googla and GoogleEye turned into just Google. So now my sweet boy answers to Pumpkininikins, Spud, & Google. I'm not sure when we will get him to answer to Kaleb or even Kman.

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