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Is Kaleb's voice being heard??

So as I mentioned several blogs ago, my husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms. The only reason being, he snores, I'm a light sleeper and when I don't get a good nights sleep, I'm cranky and then so is he. I know this is so weird to so many couples but it works for us. We both get a better nights sleep and we are in such a better mood. The other thing I must mention is that he has a terrible hearing problem. Some of it is selective but most of it is actual hearing loss. He can sleep through anything. All of that being said, on the weekends Charles normally says he will get up with Kaleb when he is ready for a bottle. So I make Charles sleep RIGHT next to Kaleb's room with the doors open and the monitor as loud as it will go. Most nights I will hear him get up and make a bottle. Now mind you, I'm across the house with the door shut and I still hear them...mother's ear. :) So Saturday night was Charles' night to get up with K. K has had some bad congestion and has been coughing a lot so I was a little worried about leaving him in the hands of the man who can't hear. He insured me they would be ok, so I said and prayer and went to bed. At 6:30 Sunday morning, I hear Molly (our dog who always comes to get me when K is crying) scratching at the door. So I assume she needs to go out to potty. So when I get up, I hear Kaleb crying so I go to check if Charles has it covered. Where is Charles? Asleep. Snoring. Doors wide open, monitor blaring. My poor baby...who knows how long he had been crying. So I of course go scoop him up, wake up Charles and ask, "when was his last bottle?" He says, "well I guess last night when you fed him, this is the first time he is waking up." Are you kidding me?!? So the question is, did Kaleb really sleep through the night for the first time ever or did the poor baby not get heard?? I was kind of upset b/c I don't like the idea of him laying there crying b/c he is hungry. We all have the ability to get food when we need it but he is helpless. So last night, I was back on baby duty for the week. Kaleb was feeling yucky again last night so I left him sleep on my chest for a while to make sure he was breathing ok. Around 11 pm I laid him in his own bed and went to sleep. At 3 am I woke up (K's usual wake time) and he was still asleep. I stood at the door and listened for a while, he was still breathing. After that I woke up every 30 minutes listening for him. Little bugar slept through the night! I was 6:15 when he finally woke up, ready to eat! I was so proud of him!! I guess my question is answered....or is it? LOL Either way, I'm pretty excited we had 1 night for sure!!

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