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For the last 2 years Charles has been telling me he would like to see the trans Siberian orchestra in concert. I was shocked when he first told me this but also excited bc I love their music. If you have never heard of them, they sing traditional Christmas carols but in a rock/heavy metal/head banging kind of way. So by me saying orchestra, it's not exactly how it sounds. So a couple months ago I got him tickets as a surprise. I figured it would be a great date for us. We had the tickets so long that we had begun to forget about going. Luckily the week of the concert we remembered! We got a babysitter (grandmas are the best) and we went. We got us some good ole cons session stand nachos and enjoyed the showed! While we were out and about on the town we came to 2 conclusions: we hate Austin's crowds and traffic and that we need to do more date nights with just he and I. We really had fun had been a while that that happened. :)

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