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Tuesday 10 --> on the new site!

1. Yay for Tuesday 10's and yay for a fresh new site! I have to give a major shout out to my dear college friend and now business-ish partner, Amanda, for creating this site for me! I say business-ish because we do wedding photography together but when we get in the same room, even though we try to be professional, we end up talking and laughing about our college days and telling complete strangers stories they probably don't need to hear. Anywho, besides all that, Amanda owns a photography business in north Texas and now a web/graphic design business as well! I enjoyed working with her on my new site so much...she rolled with the punches and all my crazy ideas. The main purpose for a new look was to eventually set up galleries for my clients that wish to have them. In the mean time, while I'm still learning all about that, just look around at all the pretties and visit Amanda's site as well over at She's very talented!

2. Speaking of photography, as I've said before, I'm all booked up through December! I've gotten all my business through advertising on Facebook and through word of mouth, you guys are so awesome!! Thank you! (and don't look for me too much around these writing parts until after the holidays; I'll be a busy editing bee)

3. Also the fall/winter sickies have hit our house; first round of bronchitis is in the books. Man, I loathe time of year.

4. I think I might be the only female who doesn't decorate for fall. I have 3 pumpkins on my table and 3 pumpkins on the porch. THAT'S IT. I've been seeing folks go all out with their fall stuff; I think it's great, I just never have my life together enough for all that. I'll do good if I get all my Christmas stuff out of the attack {and be able to repack it to where it all fits again}. I guess I'm not a big seasonal decor kinda guys on FB though, y'all get down with some fall shit.

5. Does anyone else ever buy bananas because you feel like you need to have bananas in the house to fulfill your motherly duties but then no one ever eats them all in time before they go bad and you swear you'll never buy bananas again but then when you go grocery shopping, you feel guilty NOT buying them because who doesn't keep bananas in the house? No one? Me either. Asking for a friend.

6. I'm cursing the damn iPhone update every single day of my life. Buh Bye battery life, see you never again.

7. So, my kid has literally never been happier. He is so in love with school, he can't even contain himself in the mornings. This sends me over the moon. I really have never seen him at a better place in his little life.

8. We went to Disney World a couple weeks ago. When I get up the courage {and find the time} I'd like to write an entire blog post just on how many people were there. This is draft I have thus far: THERE WAS A SHIT TON PEOPLE AT DISNEY WORLD AND I NEVER WANT TO STAND IN A LINE AGAIN. ....just a little something I'm working on.

9. I've always been a tad allergic to ginger, not so bad that I couldn't power through all the pumpkin spice things but as life has it, things go downhill as we get older I guess. I'm almost 100% off of all pumpkin spice stuff this fall. I've bought only 1 PSL and it will be my last. I also bought pumpkin spice ice cream that I've tried to eat twice now and both times my mouth and throat hated me. So basically I have no reason to love fall anymore. Sad times.

10. School has been in session exactly 50 days and I haven't forgotten a single show and tell, a single library day, a single discovery letter bag day or a single packed lunch. And we haven't ever been tardy. My record for the first 50 days of school is flawless and I like to pat myself on the back for that. And I'm well aware I just killed my streak by mentioning it.


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