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Life Lately and a Whole 'Lotta Blessings

::dusts off the keys on my keyboard and tries to remember how to type::

Seriously though, I know it's been a long time. I'm well aware. Because every time I sit down to write, I either get half way through a post and think it sounds like shit or something else pops up and distracts me. Wasn't one of my reasons for quitting my job was to have more time to write? And hasn't it felt like I've been writing less? Yes, yes to it all.

It's true though, I'm writing less and I seriously cant believe all the free time I don't have! Where do the days go?! We have been so damn busy I can't even sit down for an hour to write.

So basically I wanted to take some time and update everyone on life lately. When I think about life lately, all I can think of is how blessed I/we are! I'm not kidding, every morning when I wake up without an alarm, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is, "thank you Lord for letting this be possible!."

Life lately: where do I even start?!

Oh yeah, I know....


This isn't a lie, y'all. Little dude is actually sleeping in his own bed and staying there all night! He isn't even getting up to ask for water. He gets in bed and is there for the long haul. Being the night owls we are, we tend to stay up later than we/he should. That will change when school is about to start. When we do finally hit the hay, we each have a walkie talkie that we keep with us and we have a few chats before we fall asleep. I've been sleeping in my office because it's closer to his room and it just makes him feel more comfortable; which is fine for now, I don't mind. We typically both sleep until 9:00 or so. It's a beautiful thing sleeping in a bed alone. My gosh. I haven't slept this good in such a long time! This transition went SO good; way better than I expected. He has really only cried 2 nights and he's been in there about 2 weeks now. I'm so proud of him and I feel so blessed to be able to take our time with this transition and not have to worry about getting up for school/work.

Nearly every morning, we get dressed and head out for a bike ride. He rides his bike and I walk/jog next to him. So far we have been going a total of 2 miles. At the end of the first mile, the donut shop may or may not be conveniently placed at an easily accessible location. We may or may not stop there most mornings and "take a rest". Kaleb will usually have a donut or a sausage kolache and I'll enjoy an iced coffee before we get back on the road. This little routine has been such a joy for me! I never thought I'd enjoy walking/running 2 miles first thing in the morning but the fact that I'm out there with my son, having conversations with him about the dreams he had the night before or about the birds and the squirrels we see, it's just such a beautiful thing! This is hands down my favorite part of our day. There have been a couple mornings we have spotted a red bird and as soon as Kaleb points him out, he fly's away. <3

When we get back from our adventure, we decide what the day will hold. Sometimes I have editing to do and sometimes we are able to take the day with leisure and do what we want. This is the part that just goes so fast and each afternoon seems like a blur. Last week my dad was in the field harvesting wheat and this was the first year Kaleb really enjoyed riding with him for hours on end. My dad would pick him up around noon and Kaleb would ride with him until I came and got him at dinner time. These moments in themselves made me so happy! Spending the summer in the combine with my dad was and is truly a blessing. He learned so much by sitting in there for several hours a day (bc age 5 and the never ending questions; thank goodness my dad is the most patient man alive).

Swimming lessons have also been happening! On the first day, I nearly had tears in my eyes because I never once thought I'd be able to ever take my kid to any kind of lessons during the day and actually sit there and watch. It's minor, I understand this, but this had been a dream of mine for so long. Granted, it worked out better when I didn't stay and watch because Kaleb listened to the teacher better but STILL, I was able to take my child to swimming lessons at 4 in the afternoon! Rest assured, I am well aware of how blessed I am and I'm trying my very best to not take these days for granted.

Other things happening in life, I became a Godmother again. Sweet Kenna was baptized on Sunday and it couldn't have been more perfect. Kenna makes 7 Godchildren total for me and I love every minute.

On Monday I turned 33! I started the day with a newborn shoot at the house and then ended the day with margaritas and my girls. I had not been out with these 3 ladies (without kids) in 2 years. It was long overdue; I haven't laughed that hard {or drank that much tequila} in such a long time. It was seriously exactly what I needed! I'm so blessed to have such great friends in my life.

I can't say enough how wonderful this summer has been so far! We have been really trying to enjoy all the summer things; including snow cones and water balloons. The only thing that scares me is how fast time flys. There are still so many other things I'd like to do with the days we have left and it makes me nervous we will run out of time.

One of the biggest blessings of all; in line with enjoying time with Kaleb, is that I'm completely booked out for the month of June and most of July! I have had to turn a couple people away because I didn't have any more open slots for photography. When I quit my day job, I prepared myself for June and July to be slow months; the heat tends to detour people away from pictures (understandable) and there just isn't as much going on....except in my client's case. I have been slammed with sessions and editing. I literally have to black out days on my calendar to remind myself I need to leave time for editing or just reserve a little pool time time for me and the dude. I just couldn't be happier and more thankful!

Rest assured, I am well aware of how blessed I am and I'm trying my very best to not take these days for granted. Thank you all for the support and encouragement you have shown me! This was for sure the best choice I could have made for this time in our lives.

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