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My Own 2016 Challenge

I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution because I just don’t do that. I’m not that on top of my life to think I’ll commit to something for an entire year. I mean, it’s a fun little thought, but I’m not that person. Never have been; more than likely, never will be.

However, I would like to create a little challenge for myself. Please though, let us all use that term ‘challenge’ very loosely. Because, me.

As I can see my photography improving over time, little by little, I can also see that I’m taking pictures of basically the same stuff – kids. In particular, my kid, who is probably one of the most photogenic kids I’ve ever met. It just comes naturally to him, which is probably what made me think I could even take pictures to begin with. Between him and my favorite neighbor baby Kennedy, I’ve got it made with photogenic youth.

This year, (in all my spare time) I’d like to make myself take pictures of things that either haven’t been in front of my camera yet or things that I’d really like more experience with. Yes, I’d like to eventually make this my main income so to get there, I pretty much need to be practicing all the time with anything and everything.

My initial plan is to photograph something new or something from this list, once a month. I don’t want to assign particular things to each month because pretty much I don’t know what’s going to happen with my life day to day.

So! All this being said, I guess I’ll be having my camera attached to my hip 24/7 in case one of these things comes

along. And, if YOU see/find one of the things on my list, totally let me know!

In no particular order of importance: 1. Self-portrait 2. Rainbow 3. Lady bug/small bugs with macro lens 4. Pregnant Belly 5. Makeup 6. Tears 7. Winter weather/ice/snow 8. Sun Rise 9. Zoo Animals 10. Art 11. Architecture 12. Wrinkles/Age 13. Butterfly 14. Sunflower Patch 15. Night Sky 16. Height 17. Spider Web in the sun 18. Child Birth 19. More Recipe/Food/Bakery 20. Reflection

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