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Happy 4th Birthday, Kaleb

Happy 4th Birthday, my sweet boy!

Another year has flown by in this life we live. When I think back to the last 365 days, it all seems like a blur, it went by so fast! I re-read the letter I wrote to you last year and honestly, it feels like I just wrote it 3 months ago, which makes this letter a little harder because I sound like a broken record.

We started your year with the most kick ass airplane party I’d ever seen. Poppy pulled out all the stops and built you an airplane that everyone oooed and awwwwed over. I literally have never seen you have so much fun with your friends. My heart is always so full when I see how much you enjoy get-togethers with your buddies, you’re just like you’re mama when it comes to that. We love us some parties and social gatherings.

Overall, we had a low-key year. You started your new school and very quickly started moving through the different classes. You also joined TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) where you’re learning all kinds of fun skills. Mommy is just so proud of you and how much you have blossomed. More times than I can count, you’ve blown me away with all your new learnings and also how much common sense you have. Granna, Papaw and I are constantly talking about how smart you are and how much common sense you have for someone your age. You also have a memory like I’ve never seen. You definitely aren’t easily tricked.

Something else I also admire about you is how much of a rule follower you are, esp at school. You don’t always follow the rules at home but I’m thinking that’s fairly normal for kids. But at school, at school they are always telling me how well you listen and how much they enjoy having you. You like to be given directions and you also love to give them, even in your rule-following, you will be a leader. You’re the boss. You’re always the one to reach out, to start a new game, the social butterfly, always saying, “hey I got idea!.” I’m proud of you for being that way because I wasn’t as a kid.

You’re also a people pleaser. Lord have mercy, you want everyone to be happy, esp me. This can be a great thing and a curse. I was a people pleaser, still am to some extent, and it can be exhausting. Anytime you see a “different” look on my face, you’re immediately asking me, “are you happy or sad momma, please be happy.” I often times will tell you I’m happy even through my frustration because I know, if you knew I was mad, it would eat you up inside until you got a “happy” answer. This used to work until you got too smart for me. If I’m not convincing enough with my reply, you question me until you see a quality smile. I pray that when you’re a teenager, rule following and people pleasing will still be 2 of your personality traits.

Struggles: neither of us are morning people and this alone makes for some very interesting commutes to school/work. Basically the only “happy” mornings we have are the mornings I agree to stop for a donut. You are obsessed with donuts but I can’t justify letting you eat them too often considering they have a well-balanced breakfast waiting for you at school. Usually Monday and Friday mornings are donut mornings. You get the one with pink icing and sprinkles. It makes you happy (and keeps you quiet for a decent period of time). Non-donut mornings are definitely rough mornings. There’s extreme moodiness and crying fits all the way to school, from both of us. We just aren’t morning people, it’s who we are.

Oh hey, if you didn’t know, you’re kinda OCD, kid. Still. At one point, I wondered if you were going to grow out it, but it seems to escalate, every so often. You’re super weird about your hands getting dirty and I’ve mentioned it before, this is 100% your dad. Your daddy was outdoorsy but he had to wash those hands, all the time. You’re also OCD about opening and closing doors, about your schedule and about repeating things. Again, when you’re a teenager, I sort of hope you still have some of these traits because I feel like it’ll make you a bit more organized than most.

Our life currently – we are still sleeping in the same bed. While I struggle with this every single night, I just don’t have the energy to fight with you about it. At the end of the day, I just want to go to sleep and if that means letting you sleep next to me, then so be it. I’ll keep complaining about it until you finally move out, which is my prerogative. In my opinion, we’ve adjusted to this life pretty well. We are far more adjusted than we were last year. We/I am having fewer breakdowns which is good. We have started spending more evenings at home instead of killing time elsewhere. We both like being home now, it feels better than it used to and that’s a relief.

Kaleb, I just can’t say enough how blessed I am to have you. I know this is your birthday letter but it’s also a time for me to dote on you. Mommas are allowed to do that. I know it doesn’t seem like I always have patience with you and I know it seems like I fuss a lot, but honestly, I would be no where without you. I’m proud of you every single day. In the mornings, before I wake you up, I watch you sleep for at least a minute. You’re so beautiful when you sleep, I can still see the baby in you, and I need that reminder daily. You and I have become the best of friends. There are times I’d actually rather hang out with you on a Friday night than do anything else. I hope and pray that we always have this special relationship. I love you so much, buddy. I love you for who you are, for who you’re growing to be and I love you most for making me mommy. Thank you for picking me.

At age 4 you are:

  • You are still attached to your blankie but “needing” it less

  • You are still a picky eater but more willing to at least take a bite of something to give it a try

  • Decided you “can’t like” guacamole anymore and on occasion you also “can’t like” queso. It hurts my heart.

  • You are truly in love with trains. Trains are all you ever want to play with and talk about.

  • You are on a pooping schedule, a lot like other males. You also only like to poop in our toilet, never at school.

  • You are now pronouncing almost everything correctly with occasionally replacing “th” sounds with a “d”.

  • Seriously, I think if you were tall enough, you could totally drive. You are great with driving all the battery operated things and fantastic with navigation. (you get this from papaw)

  • Just in the last week, you have started trying to write your name. The way you write a K is the cutest ever.

  • You can spell your name out loud.

  • You hit a growth spurt in the last couple months and are almost too big for all the toddler clothes.

  • Facial expressions – you got ‘em. You are literally known for your brows.

  • You still hate getting dressed.

  • This year you were diagnosed with mild asthma in which the doctor thinks you’ll grow out of.

  • You also got your second set of tubes this year.

  • Mimi and Poppy bought you a bike with training wheels for Christmas and it took you less than 5 minutes to master it.

  • Favorite outside activity: blowing bubbles.

  • Favorite color: green

  • Favorite food currently: PB&J sandwiches and SWEETS

  • Favorite music: hip hop

  • Favorite thing to watch: train videos on YouTube

  • Favorite person: Granna

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