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Tuesday 10

1. This is my first Tuesday 10 on my new site! (it takes very little to amuse me)

2. So after watching Grey's the other night, I thought I should just go ahead and wrap up Parenthood too. If you're looking for me, I'll be in a great depression for the next week or so. Also, when I come out of that, what should I watch next?? But seriously.

3. I'm officially in full party-planning mode. This year's theme is trains and heaven help me, it's NOT Thomas themed because let's face it, we've all seen enough of that guy. While I'm loving the planning mode, it's seriously hard to live up to last year. That airplane party was kinda like whoa.

4. FOUR. I'm about to have a friggin four year old. How did this happen...slash...I might be secretly happy to be leaving the threenager phase. That also has been like whoa.

5. I've messed with my kids sense, I think. I'm pretty sure that because I refuse to dress him in pajamas at night, he thinks every sleep time is a nap. When we lay down at night he says, "where we going after we nap?" Then, when I pick him up at school he says, "are we going home for dinner and nap?" But he does still nap on the weekends and I still don't have to change his clothes in the morning so I'm basically winning.

6. I'm just putting this out there because I heard it helps when you "put things out there"...where ever that is. By the time Kaleb is in 1st grade, at the latest, which is 2 years, I want to be working from home. I don't know what that means or what that will entail but it is my goal to have an income without having a boring 8-5 job. I'm pretty unsettled and not liking where I'm at so I'm setting new goals and I'm telling you about them.

7. Kaleb calls his underwear panties and I'm positive he'll hate me for this later.

8. Have any of you been faced with the never ending stomach bug?? I have never seen so much poop and vomit out of a small child at one time...for 7 days. Luckily we're over that biz. And no it wasn't blue bell.

9. Damn, now I want blue bell.

10. I got my first sunburn last weekend...summer 2015 can officially get its groove on.

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