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2014 with a touch of 2015

You know how last year (and the year before), I was all on top of my shit and had the year in review post ready like a month in advance? Yeah that was cute. I didn't do that this year, at all. I had nothing prepared until just now, when I threw some pictures together. I find it ironic because that's how I feel about 90% of 2014. It was thrown together and I have no idea where the hell it went or what we did. For real. Last year I was able to step you through, month by month because 2013 was pretty significant and eventful. 2014 was just kinda there. I guess that's not really a bad thing, per say. "No news is good news", right? So instead of linking y'all back to every minute of our life, because *yawn*, I'll just share some bullet points and some of my favorite pictures. And it probably won't be in order either. And when I finish that, I'll tell you my plans for 2015 and how I won't be making any resolutions. So, in 2014: Kaleb started his big kid daycare "school" in March and it was HELL. On he and I. He cried for what seemed like months. It was probably only a month but it was a long one. He hated the change and he hated being "left". Of course now he LOVES it and it has been the best thing ever for him. We adore his school and he has learned so much. This was the most significant happening in 2014 for him. BlogHer was a big deal for me in July. It was the most fun I had had in a long time. I met some fabulous people and had some much needed alone time as well. I learned a lot about myself on that trip and wouldn't change one minute of that week.....except for that one cab ride when I thought I was def going to die. I'd change that. Other highlights - I became an aunt for the first time! Libby Marie was born in February and I felt love in a whole new way! I love being an aunt. Kaleb and I attended our very first circus. Believe it or not, I had never been to one either...the elephants were a fav! The week I turned 31, I bought my very first brand new car. Talk about feeling like a big girl. Except that I took my dad with me just for good measure. LOL. Happy Birthday to me. Kaleb turned 3 in May and we had the most epic Airplane Birthday party on the planet. We totally out-did ourselves and I have no regrets about it. Kaleb and his BFF Sutton, went on a Thomas the Train ride. That was pretty huge for the little guys. Kaleb is still talking about it. I started writing for a new website called MOMquery. I was emailed by the founder, asking me if I'd like to be a permanent writer and I of course was super honored and said yes! It has been such a great experience for me. Throughout the year - I've attended my first of many, class parties with my dude. They've kinda been my favorite. And I've also enjoyed making the holiday class favors. All the moms hate me because I'm an "over-achiever". I'm handling my new title very well. I've been working on my photography skills and have really enjoyed that. I by no means, am trying to be a professional, but I do love pretending. Thankfully my sis-in-law lets me practice on Libby and Kaleb sometimes lets me practice with him as long as I bribe him with the correct candy. Kman officially understands all of the major holidays and that alone has made the year so fun as well. Trick-or-treating and prepping for Santa were definitely the best this year. I can only imagine it'll get better with the years! We really did have a great and blessed year. Even though it feels like it whisked by, we were surrounded by friends, family and happy times, pretty much all year! There wasn't a moment that went by that I had to question whether or not we were loved.

As for 2015:

I honestly don't know what to tell y'all about 2015. As you can tell, I took almost a month off from blogging....and I liked it. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, but I did. I think I was/am bored with it. I laid in bed last night thinking about how I hadn't posted anything about 2014, resolutions, Christmas or 2015, and I felt guilty. I also felt empty, in that I have nothing left to say...the good news though, is that I've said that before and I always find something else to say, lol. I don't want to stop writing, I don't want to quit this space, so I'm praying about it. I'm praying about what I'm supposed to do with 2015. I praying about what I should write about. Hopefully as time goes, it'll just come to me and we don't ever have to refer back to this part of this post again. :)

Kaleb is still the "planes" part of this gig and I'll always be the "guac"...because it's just too good to not be.

Until then, HAPPY twenty-fifteen!

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