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Tuesday 10 {I’ll say it again, edition}

This weeks Tuesday 10 are all things I’ve written about before but I’m just thatpassionate about them all, I decided to tell you again.

1. I’m still in complete shock. On average, at least once a month, (doesn’t matter where I am) someone is saying to me, “you look like someone I know”. Now, let’s think about this logically, I’m 6’1″, which is rare for a female, so that should already make me stand out. THEN. Then, I’m an amputee. These 2 things combined, should automatically put me into my own category. I mean, I feel like it happens so often, I’m to the point of bitch reaction. One day, someone will push me over the edge and I’m gonna have to say it. There will be no holding back. “Oh, so tell me about this other 6’1″, right arm amputee female you know. I need to meet her because she’s fucking making her rounds without me.”

2. You guys. If I have learned anything worth anything in this last year, it would be, HAVE A FRIGGIN WILL WRITTEN. If you and your spouse own anything (cars, property, houses), for the love of Pete, get a will. Please, just trust me. Get. A Will. Written. Put it on your bucket list.

3. I don’t care what bad things are said about Facebook, it is THE fastest way to start a prayer chain and I feel like it’s very effective. For that reason alone, I think Facebook is a great tool for our little 1st world.

4. Don’t ever make important, life changing decisions when you’re hungry and sleepy at the same time.

5. Why is it we set expectations of others? The people you think will care, don’t. The people who you think don’t give a flying fuck, they actually do. It’s one of Samantha’s biggest life puzzles. And it’s a puzzle that she doesn’t like.

6. Cats have hidden agendas. And that’s me putting it nicely for all you crazy cat lovers.

7. Stop putting holiday crap out like 18 months in advance. Just stop. Except Easter candy. Because nothing beats Easter candy.

8. Not sure if it’s because Kaleb is always reminding me of my 1-armness lately, but I have been missing my other arm like crazy. It’s the weirdest thing. I have SUCH a desire to fold my hands when I pray and it hurts my heart that I can’t. The feelings have never been this strong in all 21 years. Like, there are times I will actually have tears in my eyes because I miss that feeling of my two hands touching. I can’t really expect anyone to understand this because I don’t understand it myself but gah, lately, it’s been pretty heart crushing.

9. For as long as I can control it, my child will not be wearing clothing with skulls. Even if someone else buys it for him, he’s not wearing it.

10. I find it completely embarrassing that I’m capable of writing an entire book but I can’t write a 200 word description about me on the dating site. There’s no sarcasm here. I’ve got crap written. Actual crap. Who wants to write one for me because I’ve changed it every single day for the last 7 days. Also-I didn’t think I’d have to say this but, don’t show up on your first date already drunk. It just doesn’t look good.

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