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Tuesday 10

1. After some fairly persistent shoves, my kid finally discovered he does actually love ChickFila and I couldn't be happier.

2. Why is it that every time I start this hard-core mommy boot camp regarding the sleep training, God says, "oh that's a funny plan, Samantha"? Some type of shenanigans happen every.single.time. This go around we did it 1 night and the next day we were in the hospital getting chest X-ray's because they thought he had walking pneumonia. And then I hear this from the doctors mouth, "you'll probably want to sleep with him for a few nights so you can help him breathe through is coughing spells." ::hand:: ::forehead::

3. Ever have to coax your three year old through a chest X-ray and make em understand what "be still" and "don't breathe" means? Harder than you think.

4. Nothin quite cuts you like seeing your kid being mean to another kid for no apparent reason. No but seriously, how are parents handling real issues like when their kid is bullying someone else? My kid just knocked over some blocks. Ugh. Not looking forward to school age shit.

5. When someone invites themselves to tag along on a lunch outing and you think to yourself, "that bitch, no one invited her", but then she pays for every one's meal and you feel like you finally figured out exactly how much foot actually fits in your mouth.

6. Don't you love that sickening feeling you get in your stomach when you realize you've lost your wallet and your about to have to pay for dinner? And then you get home and rip the house apart looking for it? And then you start canceling all your debit and credit cards? And then you wanna cry because for once you actually had a decent amount of cash in there? And then your child is playing outside and says, "oh wook mommy, I buried your monies purse in the dirt wast night." And then your not sure if you should cry happy tears or be really mad? Yeah. I love that feeling, too. 7. Guess what!?!? This is my 100th Tuesday 10 post. I thought about making a big deal and announcing it to everyone, including the Pope, {because I know he reads this shiz}, but I wanted to be a little sneaky and see who all actually reads my Tuesday 10's, completely. So here's the deal. After you read this, go to my facebook fan page post that links you to this week's Tuesday 10 and simply comment with what number you liked the best this week, and you'll be entered in a gift card (of YOUR choice) giveaway. Example: if you thought #5 was the funniest thing you've ever read, you'll go comment and JUST say, "I loved #5". Don't mention the giveaway in any way or you'll be that guy who ruined this awesomeness for everyone. No one likes that guy.

8. Anyone who signs their name at the bottom of a FB post should have their account terminated until they know how to be a cool person on FB. #oldpeopleonFBproblems 9. During the week, you couldn't pay me enough to accomplish getting in bed at a decent hour. Friday night rolls around and at about 9:15 p.m. I'm like, shit dudes, I'm out. I'd never make it as a 22 year old anymore. 10. Random days spent with the bestie are always the best days.

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