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Tuesday 10

1. We survived Easter, barely. It started off on a bad foot by missing the church egg hunt because we were late. The-Kaleb was in a mood (maybe because we missed the eggs) but regardless, a mood. He wanted to whine and cry about everything. I couldn't even get a decent picture of him. Nothing went the way I had planned. I think I put too many expectations on holidays because I have the same feelings about how Christmas went. 2. We did however come home for a nap and then woke up to watch Despicable Me2 and Frozen. I'm very pleased with DMe2. I mean, a chip hat with guac??? Sign me up for that device. I'm still shocked by Frozen...the movie trailer totally lead me to believe it was mostly about the snowman. I need more Olaf and less musical. 3. Am I the only boymom that doesn't like to play cars/trains/trucks? I don't mind playing just about anything else with Kaleb but driving transportation and making suitable sound effects...I just can't enjoy it. Anyone with me or am I odd mom out? Gimme a coloring book.

4. Bubbles are gonna be the bane of my existence from the messiness but they keep him so occupied. And happy. Plus, bubbles over cars any day. 5. After Kaleb's birthday party, living room remodel/new floors project will begin. I'm prrrrreeetty excited to ditch the carpet. yikes. 6. Speaking of Birthdays...invitations will be going out soon. I understand the party is memorial day weekend, it's the weekend that worked best for us. I also understand if you have prior plans but know this, you'll miss the best 3yr old birthday party around! Hopefully it'll be the best and I'll stay motivated until then. Otherwise, halfass is my middle name. 7. Sometimes I miss non-crazy people. 8. Seriously contemplating a FaithHopeLove tattoo. Thoughts? Is it true they are that addicting? Is there anyone out there who just has 1 tattoo and plans to only just have 1? I'm not the full sleeve type of gal. 9. I asked Kaleb what prayer he prays at school before they eat. He said, "Jesus. Food. Amen." They really love to keep things simple at his school. 10. Truth. This T10 almost didn't get posted. I burned myself out because I feel like I write about the same things every week. I bitch about how annoying children shows are and how my 3yr old, while almost 100% potty trained, still shits in the yard. And every now and then I'll throw in a first world issue about my OPI nail color of the week. Are y'all as bored as I am? If not, I'll keep posting, if yes, well, gimme a topic or theme or just tell me to shut up. Either way.

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