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September 28, 2018

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SO WHAT! Wednesday

December 4, 2013

I'm in a mood to say, SO WHAT! if:

  • My Christmas cards are gonna be way cuter than yours. If you get one, you're special.

  • I have a slight obsession with feeling like I need to change the color scheme on my Christmas tree. Every year.

  • I'm currently loving the turquoise and red combination for my Christmas decor.

  • I wanna to be selfish sometimes because, well, I just wanna be.

  • I cried twice yesterday.  Once was from a text message and once was because I found Charles' stocking.

  • I've already cried once this morning because I read a blog post about a gender reveal.

  • I really hope 2014 doesn't have as many surprises as 2013. 2013's surprises were for the motha 'effin birds. Ok, there were some good surprises. I won't be a negative Nancy.

  • I shouldn't need confirmation from others that I'm doing a good job but the truth is, I do.  I think we all want/need to hear that we're doing good.

  • I don't know the proper amount of time I should make Kaleb brush his teeth.  Isn't there a song?

  • I'm still not on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon and don't care to get on. Ever.

  • I love giving gifts to people, esp when they least expect it, but I hate shopping. Hate.

  • I feel like everyone deserves a gift at Christmas.

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