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September 28, 2018

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SO WHAT! Wednesday

November 20, 2013

I was *THANKFUL* yesterday and today I'm saying, SO WHAT! if:

  • Kaleb woke up at 6 a.m. and asked me to hold him. We went back to sleep until EIGHT a.m. He was late for daycare and I was late for work.  I have no regrets.

  • My finger and toe polish don't match. I may or may not have developed a twitch just thinking about it.

  • I don't eat bananas with spots. At all. I let Kaleb eat them and he knows no difference.

  • I posted a video of Kaleb on IG last night and I've watched it about 37 times today.

  • I'm actually okay with the fact I'm working the day after Thanksgiving.

  • I think starbucks should have a summer cup.  They have the red holiday cup, who says we can't have a florescent summer cup?

  • I think it makes you a prude if I see you wearing old fashion pantyhose with peep or open toed shoes. I'm a mean girl. I judge.

  • I'd rather donate all of Kaleb's toys to needy children and let him play with a stick than have any child go without toys on Christmas.  I might judge adults but I'm a softy for children who go without.

  • I ate cinnamon toast crunch for lunch and loved it.

The End.

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