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Tuesday 10

Grab my Tuesday 10 button and link up with me today!

1. Something that's taken me some time to learn and accept, if you feel like you're having to work at keeping a friendship with someone, it's probably not worth having. 2. It's only Tuesday and I already miss my Denise. We don't normally talk every day but some how knowing she's out of the country makes me miss her more. Also, I'm jealous because I wanna be in Costa Rica with her, she's only like the best tanning partner ever. 3. Ladies and Gents, we have a Halloween costume. He was able to narrow them down and pick between two. He seemed fairly certain with his final answer, here's to hoping he still likes it when the time comes. As a side note, if you're gonna try and be a spoiler and ask him what's he gonna be, he won't give you a truthful answer, as he thinks he's going to be a tractor. Nice try, sneaky sneakerson. 4. When you're thinking of someone out of the blue, it's probably because they need to hear you care. Always tell them. Never hesitate. 5. Who wants to go shopping for me? I need layers and sweaters and earrings and necklaces and I hate shopping. So any takers? For real, I'll give you the funds if you give me the clothes. 6. Fighting with Kaleb right before we have to share a bed is not my idea of an ideal night. God is really testing me. 7. My work day never really seems complete until I write something in colored sharpie.

8. I've been trying to find ways to justify my coffee drinking habits because frankly, I don't want to give it up. I discovered why I drink. I drink to write. If you folks want a decent blog post that doesn't come at midnight, I'm gonna need my coffee. There's just something about writing and drinking. Clearly, if I want to accomplish my book one day, I need not give up my coffee. 9. I have to confess something that weighs on me. I pretty much hate all breakfast food items except cereal. It all started with breakfast sausage. I'm gagging now just thinking of it. Earlier I smelled bacon and I was all like, OMG get me out of this smell. The same thing happens when I smell syrup. All little kids smell like syrup. I remember my elementary days and folks be smelling like breakfast. Not me and my brother, we smelled like nothing because we ate cereal. My hate for a hot breakfast stems from childhood. I'm seriously glad to get the air cleared on that. 10. All things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy it. If they aren't going well, wait a little longer, they'll change.

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