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Tuesday 10

1. Your kids were all, "ohhhh Thomas Tank Engine and Bob the Builder!!! We are so into Thomas and Bob! Bob and Thomas clothes and toys and halloween costumes and bed comforters!! Thomas and Bob everything!" But none of you moms were all, "these are the most lame cartoons you'll ever be forced to watch 27 times a day." Thanks. Just thanks. #addictedchild

2. I hate age two. The end.

3. Not at all impressed with the pretzel dog. Too much bread. Too much hype. I was over it with the first bite. 4. Sometimes I feel like the most selfish person alive. I talk about myself way too much and don't always consider asking others how they are. This is my apology to those who I've been selfish with and this is me admitting that I have things to work on.


6. How long have we, as a society, been dealing with the last third of our popsicles tasting like wood due to the wooden stick? I mean, enough already. I'm anti-wood flavor.

7. Coming up with a new blog name is so much harder than you'd think. It's worse than naming a child. I'm kidding, of course. Maybe.

8. If you follow me on Instagram, and which if you don't, I'm not real sure how our friendship has survived, but whateves...back to the point at hand, whether you do or don't, you're gonna hear about my weekend, regardless.

Kaleb was away for the weekend so that gave me amazing opportunity to have amazing times.

I had a girls night with this fantastic lady.

And then Saturday, the bestie got her bridal portraits done, so of course we had real fun times.

And then Sunday, after church, I sat in the kiddie pool all by my lonesome, tanning and eating popsicles, because that's what you do when your kid isn't home.

I can say this with confidence, it was a much needed weekend where all things life, were good!! 9. I can finally tell you, I'm going to be an aunt for the first time!! And let's be really clear on this, I'm going to be a kick-ass aunt. #Feb2013 10. I've only cooked one time since Charles died. One time. What have we been eating? What have we been doing? I have no idea. How is it that a person can actually live through each day but have no recollection of what we have been doing for dinner. I guess there's been some out to eat, some fast food, some eating at other folks houses and then some dinners consisting of cereal (K's fav meal). Basically what I'm saying here is, we are always open for dinner plans if you would like to invite us. Or bring us food. Or not. We're doing pretty well with our cereal.

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