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September 28, 2018

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It's been like whoa

August 12, 2013


So, last Sunday we were all:




And then by Monday, we were all:




Some mean virus came through and tried to kick Kaleb's ass. It succeeded for a couple days. Poor kid had fever of 102+ most of the time, blisters in his mouth, down his throat, and on his lips and tongue. It was like whoa.






He laid around A LOT. There was nothing that made him comfortable. He had not eaten since Sunday. Anything and everything I tried, made him cry. He whined nonstop. So many times he told me he was hungry but I couldn't get him to swallow anything. The doctor said it was similar to hand/foot/mouth disease but not exactly that. It was the most miserable I've everrrr seen him. Don't let your kid get this.

By Friday, he was eating a little again but still being extremely meltdown-ish. I was about to pull my hair out so I put him in time out for 2 min and when I went to check on him: 


homeboy fell asleep! He slept until 7:30 that night. In the rocking chair. It was intense.


Anywho, most boring blog post ever, I know. I just wanted to spread the word, don't wish this on your kid, or yourself because Ohh emm gee. 


He's feeling a lot better and we had a fun weekend! Weekend recap will prob be in Tuesday 10 this week. 


Hope everyone has a good Monday. Deuces. 

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