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Tuesday 10: #hashtagga

1. Kaleb may or may not have watched the bachelorette with me and he may or may not have wanted to kiss me every time he saw Des kissing. #whichwasalot

2. The truth is, reality has set in and it's kinda a bitch. #beinrealwithyall

3. Rainy and cool weather in July really confuses me and makes me unsure about all things life. #myfabuloustanhasfaded

4. I feel like the people on bachelor/ette must get dehydrated and have liver issues by the end of the show. #booze24/7 #youllneverseethemdrinkwater

5. I think I'll go ahead and write a book on the proper way to approach someone who's lost a loved one...things you should and shouldn't say. #peoplearesofreakinweird

6. How long can I expect to battle Kaleb at night regarding getting dressed? Also. Are y'all sick of hearing me bitch about this? #ongoingtoddlerissues

7. Sleep is a magical, magical thing. #whenithappens

8. It's just gonna have to be acceptable that I haven't started writing "thank you's" yet. There are so many to write and I have so many heartfelt things to say but mercy, I can't make myself do it. #notenoughtimein1day

9. Remember how I said my world would be complete if we could post videos on Instagram? I have YET to post one. #realissuesinmylife

10. This morning I put on a dress that hasn't fit me in four years and I said "Ha, take that!" But then I realized I was talking to myself in the mirror and that didn't seem cool at all. #butstillHA #ellipticalresults

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