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Tuesday 10: Short and Sweet

1. Lord have mercy. It was all I could do to make myself go back to work. I'm still not quite sure if I made it.

2. Please, someone invent a product that I can layout on, other than a hot suffocating towel. And then send it to me for free because FOR REAL.

3. It's a bit selfish of me but damn, I'm glad my kid still naps. I prefer to call it MommyDownTime.

4. I went to HEB in my swim gear and this is a true story.

5. I can no longer bring myself to delete photos on my phone. Not a single one. I'll be buying a new phone with more memory. #solvingmyissues

6. That panic moment when the nail lady starts a design on your toe and you don't know what in the hell it's supposed to be but then she owns that shit and makes a bluebonnet out of some messy looking dots and then you're like, "whoa, I'm relieved". 7. My parents accepted a stray cat into their home. They are lucky I don't disown them as my parents. 8. Word on the street is, it's freakin hot in Texas and since we have this heat every year, I'm gonna go ahead and take it back to 1995 by saying, "no duh!" 9. "Blankie" has been taken to a whole new level. Kaleb places blankie on the couch and says, "be RIGHT back, bwankie." I'm fairly acceptable of him talking to a blanket, he's just holding himself accountable that he will, indeed, be RIGHT back. 10. Three weeks has absolutely felt like an eternity and there's nothing else to discuss about that.

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