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I have a soft side

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not always sarcastic or witty and I'm not always here to bitch about life. I have a soft side when it comes to my kid and family. This girl can drop a tear at a heartfelt moment in a matter of 1.8 seconds. Believe me. Things may or may not get mushy in here and I may or may not ramble on and on more than what you want to hear. Also? I freakin' can't stand uploading photos in blogger. I can NEVER get them arranged how I want. So, there's that item to keep in mind when you're reading this. So, I have these cousins. They're boys. Teenage boys. High Schoolers. They play varsity baseball/basketball. They're proud to say they've sent over 100,000 text messages in a year. They probably even have girlfriends that they won't admit to because they're embarrassed, like every teenager. They have a life. A life they should have and are expected to have. I do have a point, trust me. These boys are more like nephews to me. Probably mostly due to the age difference, regardless the reason, that's the truth. They often ask to spend the weekend at my house. My house. The house of a grownup. What teenager wants to do that? These guys because they're cool like that. When I was pregnant with Kaleb, they started spending more and more time with us. Come to find out, they were just countin' down the days because they thought they wouldn't/couldn't hang anymore once the kid got here. While they were helping me put away tiny socks and shoes after one of my showers, Mark, the youngest one, said, "Samantha this is probably our last time here, huh?" I said, "what? why?" He said, "well, the baby is almost here and I just don't think we'll be coming over anymore....and also, I'm afraid to tell you, these socks are never gonna fit him, he's not gonna come out this small." I just laughed and told him they were always welcome, no matter if there was a baby or not, assuming they wouldn't want to be around a crying and pooping infant. So I don't bore you, let's fast forward a bit. These boys. These boys have never even once thought about not hanging out with us because of Kaleb. Not only do they still hang, they play with Kaleb like I've never seen before. They throw the ball for hours on end, play with goats and cows, take him places, taught him to fist bump, hold him in church...they even attended his first birthday like the proud cousins they are! But the truth be told, I'm the proud one. These have to be the best boys I know. We were with them on Sunday afternoon and it hit me like a ton of bricks. They love my little guy and I love them for loving him so much. They are teenage boys, they don't have to play with my kid. They aren't even expected to be outside with us but there they were. There they were, right by Kaleb's side, the entire time. I just sat back and took it all in. Kaleb had the time of his life and I'll never forget how I felt on that day. I had tears on Mother's Day but that's because I'm a softy, y'all. It just doesn't get any better than when you're with family.

Just as I was saying my prayers, thanking God for these guys, I sent a text thanking them for an awesome afternoon.

and then his response melted my freakin' heart, yo.

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