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September 28, 2018

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SO WHAT! Wednesday

April 3, 2013

I felt like doing a little link up today with Shannon from Life After I Dew.  She does a fun post every Wednesday, so if you like this post, go check what she's got to say!

This Wednesday, Samantha is saying, SO WHAT! If,

*I wear my ear buds while in the car.  I'd rather listen to the music I have on my iPod than the shit they play on the radio.

*I got black polish on my toes the other day when I got a pedicure.  I realize it's spring and I should have on hot pink, I was just in a black mood.

*Sometimes I hesitate commenting on someone's status because I don't want a jillion emails and notifications when other folks comment. Ain't nobody got time for that.

*I can't tell if Kaleb is saying, "green", "drink", or "rain".  I'll just keep guessing words until he nods his head with a smile.

*The next update on the blog about Kaleb will be in the middle of the month.  I missed months 21 and 22 so that means it'll be a random update.

*I immediately tune people out when they start talking about antiques.  I'm so anti-old crap.

*I know I'll probably end up buying an elliptical machine all the while knowing it'll end up collecting dust in the garage.  One can hope.

*I'll probably hit the candy isle this week to see if I can find some discounted mini eggs, left over from Easter.  This girl can't wait until next year.

*I plan to wear long maxi dresses the majority of the summer.  I've already bought four different ones and plan to purchase many more.  They really are the perfect work/home/church attire.

Happy Hump Day Wednesday to you!

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