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Tuesday 10

1. Going to Sam's Club alone always seems like a good idea. When the husband shops with me, we spend twice as much and then have zero room in our pantry for the bulk buying he does. While I'm shopping alone, I have that freedom feeling. I know where I'm headed, I know what we need and I know how much time I wanna spend. It's glorious UNTIL I get out to the car. Why do I think buying in bulk alone is a good idea for me? I have only the one arm to unload it in my car and there I am, stuck with my car door wide open and an extra large shopping cart trying to roll away from me as I'm grabbing the case of 48 Ozarka waters. Shopping at Sam's Club alone is a bad bad idea. 2. This past weekend I drove by a house that still had a Christmas wreath hanging on the door and I suddenly felt a lot better about having left my snowman on the porch until March 5th. 3. There was a time when I thought pairing our socks was the worst part of laundry. I now know that pairing up Kaleb's socks is actually the worst part of laundry. Why is pairing little people socks so much worse than adult socks? Is it because they are tiny and there are so many of them? Maybe because he has like 18 different types of socks and finding the matching one is almost impossible. Much like the sippy cup/matching lid issue we had, I'm highly considering throwing out all socks and buying all the same kind. 4. We've passed the stage of watching Gnomeo and Juliet. We are now on the "Finding Nemo" kick. Kaleb calls it "Momo" and it's pretty much the cutest damn thing when he asks to watch it. 5. Since I was at home yesterday with a sick little one, I decided to get my Pinterest on during nap time. I accomplished a lasagna, a meatloaf and those chicken-broccoli-cheese-ranch-foil pack things. Just call me awesome. 6. A lady at the grocery store approched me and asked what happened to my arm and I simply said I was in an accident when I was younger. Her response? "That makes me mad" while shaking her head. Now, I've gotten that question A LOT and I've gotten several different replies but never that. Was she mad that it happened? Was she mad that I gave her a short answer? Was she mad that I was a young lady with a toddler and how am I possibly making it through life? I'll never know. What I do know is before she walked away, she said her name was Lou Bob and I felt like that was the strangest part of my encounter with her. Lou Bob. Just let that sink in for a minute. 7. It's almost stupid how glad I am about the weather being nice enough in the evenings to play outside. Life is good, again. 8. Snoring is the bane of my existence. A girl can only wear earplugs for so long. I seriously wanna pull my hair out every night, all night. I'm so tired of the interrupted sleep and I'm a firm believer that the spare bedroom mattress is the reason for my sore back. *yawn* 9. Is it reasonable to hire someone to do our laundry? I mean, these are the questions I need answers to. I really want to know if there are folks out there who are willing to do other peoples laundry beacuse if there are, where are they and God bless them. 10. My Godson was baptized on Sunday and I couldn't have been more proud to be there. Love that little boy! Look as those cheeks. You could just eat him, he's so cute.

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