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My heart was warm on Valentines 2013

February 15, 2013

Coming to you a day late, I know. 

If you are an IG follower you've seen some of these pictures.  Guess what?  You get to see them again. :)

It's probably not a secret anymore, I work at a hospital.  A few weeks ago I was asked to help coordinate 10 bus loads of kids who were coming to pass out Valentines to the patients who were hospitalized.  I wasn't thrilled at first.  I mean, 10 bus loads of kids + Balloons + Candy + Valentines excitement + very ill patients just doesn't sound like it'll equal "fun" per say.  Am I right? 
I was to grab kids as they unloaded and then keep track of them as we were walking around the hospital THEN as if that wasn't enough, I needed to return them safely on the bus.  Shit, y'all.  I love me some kids but I kinda love them in very small amounts.  This is why I'm not a teacher.  I was pretty not excited about this.


Here I am.  Leader of Team5, waiting for the children to arrive so I can convince them my team is the best!


Much to my surprise, as I was standing on the sidewalk with my sign, waiting for my special group of children, I see this fine looking group of active duty soldiers arrive.  Please, tell me they are here to help!They were, infact, there to help. Yay! I immediately told them they were going to be part of the best group ever.  I "tagged" them with my group 5 stickers and proudly stood with them until it was time to get the show on the road.  I'm not sure they were too impressed with the #5 sign but whateves, all the groups were required to use the signs b/c they were all dealing with massive amounts of kiddos!


So proud!

We had a great time passing out the goody bags.  I don't have any pictures of that for privacy reasons but the Veterans were SO happy to get a Valentine. These were all Veterans who have been hospitalized for a while so getting visitors really lifted their spirits. My team did me proud.  They stayed around to visit with the patients and talk about how long they had served.  I was very impressed. We wrapped things up and I told everyone thanks and they were free to go.  Again, to my surprise, they weren't quite ready.  They asked if they could play the piano for a while....It was such a heart-warming day, you guys! I couldn't have been more honored and happy to be part of something so awesome.






We were also blessed with Miss Texas 2012 making an appearance. She was a super sweet girl.  She was actually part of Team 5, needless to say, the guys in my group were happy about that!



I never thought I would say this but I'm glad I could spend my Valentines Day with the Veterans! Thanks for letting me share!

In other traditional VDay news:  Charles sent me flowers AND chocolate covered strawberries to work.  He did good. :)



We had planned to go see a movie Vday night, we even had a babysitter.  By the time I got home, I was pooped.  We decided on a simple out to eat trip at the local German restaurant...okay, I'll admit, not a fan of their food but they have some good wine.  This girl ate a salad and drank wine.  It was good enough for me.



And that my blogger friends, wraps up my 2013 Valentines Day.  Hope everyone had a heart-warming day!

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